Anarchotyranny / Transvaluation

Two conceptual optics essential to trace the shape of the Demon which rules you are Anarchotyranny and Transvaluation.

Anarchotyranny is the dominant political formula of the Bioleninist ruling elite – an amoral system of fundamentally asymmetric law enforcement – administered via a byzantine, bureaucratic labyrinth of selective rule application.

Under Anarchotyranny, the regimes primary directive is to control its subjects so that they cannot coordinate / oppose the managerial class / ruling elite (constituting tyranny) as opposed to controlling ‘real’ criminals / reigning in its own de facto paramilitary forces (causing anarchy). Meanwhile, laws are interpreted and enforced selectively / asymmetrically, depending on what is perceived to be in the interests of the regime.

Anarchotyranny refers to a demonic Hegelian synthesis in which the regime tyrannically / oppressively regulates subjects lives yet refuses to enforce fundamental protective law – e.g. the State prioritising gun law reform / criminalising self-defence over preventing riots and looting / prosecuting actual criminals.

Transvaluation is the systematic inversion / revaluation of values, a concept elaborated by Nietzsche in the Antichrist, who argued that Christianity as a moral system inverts nature and is hostile to life. If the Rectification of Names is about making signs correspond with reality in order to act effectively, then Transvaluation is anti-rectification – in both signification and ethical systems – unreality mimetically infesting reality like parasites infest a host.

As a subject you inhabit a zone of selective rule / law enforcement — an asymmetric system of unformalized irregular governance protocols, within an esoteric / occulted Bioleninist power-Matrix.

You live on a Progressive lattice suspended above the Real, a virtual simulation in which values are inverted — evil is good, up is down, right is wrong — creating incentive conditions actively hostile to positive / prosocial action.

Anarchotyranny scrambles the exoteric / surface level code of the rules through which you are governed by the regime. Meanwhile, Transvaluation inverts the esoteric / deep level meta-code of the religious / moral framework these scrambled rules ostensibly operate upon.

This means you are subsumed within a demonic moral system / incentive structure — in which sin is validated / celebrated — under labyrinthine ‘rules’ selectively administered by a regime, which simultaneously permits structural violence against its enemies (you).

7 thoughts on “Anarchotyranny / Transvaluation

  1. More and more people are finally realizing what is to live in the Shadow of The Red Dragon. We are at a crucial stage now. Are we finally going to challenge it, once we acknowledge it exists and it is not a legend, or are we going deeper in our slumber and just tell ourselves that even knowing that “the meat is fake”, that knowing don’t subtract from its taste?

    I like how you write, it is inviting.

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