Civilisation is a Neural Network

Civilisation is a neural network.

An atomised distributed consciousness, pulsating with an algorithmic sifting of + / – aggregate, individuated cost / benefit analyses.

Centralisation is a bottleneck which destroys information, constraining the reflexive information flow which constitutes the cybernetic process.

Anti-Oedipus provides a theory of capital accumulation via a circuitry of ever tightening, positive techonomic feedback loops, which constitute the accelerative process.

Moldbug provides a theory of deceleration via the parasitic, anti-productive energy vampire of the Cathedral, and the Leftist co-option of resources away from productive agents / processes, syphoning them into unproductive ones.

R/acc recognises the need to keep decelerative forces away from the Process  the techonomic spiral of mutual excitation  since it is only by circumventing the critical retardation of the Process that intelligence optimisation can reach escape velocity.

The political prescription to ensure the continuation of the Process is de-homogenisation / fragmentation.

A Meta-Neocameralist market place of armed organisation / optimisation principals, resists political entropy + parasitic invasion, since it constitutes a self-reinforcing / policing / competing ecosystem, within which positive incentive alignment is rewarded / negative punished.

A Patchwork is a laboratory, testing X against Y and A against B. Reality has a curve / gradient bending towards the Right, because co-operation is a subset of competition  enveloped by it.

Absent competition and co-operation is rendered nonsensical. Absent co-operation and atomised competition remains, reforming co-operation as an adaptive competitive strategy.

Competition > co-operation.

The decentralisation of competition is essential to the validity / productive capacity of the mechanism, since total centralisation / Unity, relieved of selection pressure, is inherently entropic + anti-accelerative.

The civilisation neural network requires R/acc fragmentation to maintain experimental capacity + accelerative dynamism, along the gradient of the selective pressures / organising principal of the fanged Real.

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