On Education

A sane, actually functional, Education system would pay healthy dividends, even in the absence of any other positive changes to State administration. 

Structures of compliance and control underpinning the Education system have created an economy of deceit, which is built upon a perverse incentive structure, in which the manufacture of representations of teaching / learning are significantly more important than actual teaching / learning, which has been reduced to an ancillary function within the system’s operationalised incentive framework.

An economy of systemic deceit has been generated, which revolves around the structure of disavowal within the Education system, whereby knowledge of actualities – specifically the dysfunction which permeates the system – is ritually disavowed at an individual, institutional and systemic level.

This analysis rests on the effective dichotomy of the institution into actual and virtual domains / entities, a mechanism which facilitates the generation of representations of success, which management depends upon for legitimacy, and through which it maintains institutional control.

This process is rhizomatic, it scales up the sector to the level of actors such as Ofsted / the DfES, who use statistics to validate their efficacy and implicitly their ongoing existence, and down to the granular level of atomised teachers / lecturers, who utilise success data to represent themselves / implicitly defend their right to practice as educators.

No individual, institution or sector actor can defect from the system because it is impossible to effectively coordinate a mass defection without signalling the intention to defect, and first movers will be punished by the systems auto-immune defences.

The micro / macro, internalised / externalised, totalised permeation of disavowal throughout the system presents extreme barriers / obstacles to mobilising / enacting actual systemic change, as opposed to merely representational systemic change, its voided simulacrum.

This is echoed in counterproductive, pseudo ‘accountability’ frameworks, designed to evoke the spectre of accountability, while simultaneously generating conditions in which no one is held accountable and ‘responsibility’ can be systemically diffused / dispersed.

The Education system currently revolves around bureaucratically occupying young peoples’ time, while minimally socialising them in accordance with ‘progressive’ values, rather than effectively imparting / instilling critical practical, cognitive skills and behaviours as per ‘traditional’ education.

The virtual > actual model can be applied to a significantly extended critique of .gov systems / failings, encompassing any domain which utilises statistical representations to model / legitimise success, eg the NHS, local councils, police system, etc.

The ‘progressive’ West no longer wishes to deal in actualities, merely to pretend to deal with them via the systemic manipulation of representations. This is a consequence of democracy being a system / decision protocol run on representations.

In other words, the democracy OS is predicated on representational signals of success > actual success, therefore the Education system is orientated around generating representational signals of education > delivering actual education.

Ultimately, the critique extends far beyond the parameters of this model, deconstructing metastatic-bureaucracy, degenerative ratchet dynamics, the deleterious effects of an unformalised State religion, virtue signalling spirals, exponentially rising complexity / coordination costs and diminishing returns, all unfolding into irreversible collapse dynamics.

Collapse is a process not an event. The transposition of education into State-mandated pseudo-education – combined with it’s fetishisation of process > results – alongside an orientation towards equality of outcome via the manipulation of procedural outcomes, is simultaneously a vector of collapse and a gauge regarding how far into the process we as a civilisation have already descended.

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