On Transvaluation

Previously, we discussed how the Bioleninist regime has derived a ruling formula out of an infernal synthesis of Anarchotyranny and Transvaluation.

A managerial bureaucracy-cum-oligarchy featuring asymmetric rule / law enforcement creates an inherently unstable field of operation, which is further undermined via inversion of the nomenclature and perversion of the extant ethical system.

The recent State sanctioned riots following the death of St Floyd — which rapidly morphed into a Bataillean neo-religious festival of violence and excess — revealed the extent to which America, and by extension its protectorates in Europe, have descended into systemised Anarchotyrannical Transvaluation.

The ‘riots’ weren’t conceived / permitted to actually change anything — much less depose the ruling elite or destabilise the Bioleninist regime. Rather, they were a reassertion and extension by the ruling elite of the dominance of their sanctified race and victimhood narrative as part of the symbolic / cynical election cycle.

The riots were a celebration — a victory parade — a demonstration of the raw Power of the Inner Party in the face of the total impotence of the Outer Party. They were designed and enacted to taunt, subjugate and demoralise — to establish grounds for further concessions / reparations and pre-emptively force acquisition to them.

They simultaneously constituted a recapitulation, inversion and enactment of the central oppressed > oppressor narrative, which animates the Bioleninist Regime and fuels its redistributionist / revenge fantasies.

To the unenlightened, Floyd appeared a terrible mark for sainthood — a drug-addicted former porn star and career criminal, who once held a loaded gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while robbing her.

Paradoxically, Floyd’s criminal transgressions were exactly what made him the perfect sacrament for Transvaluation. His violence, criminality and perversion constituted ideal base alchemical materials to be transfigured into sainthood. It was precisely because Floyd was so personally flawed that his sanctification could be weaponized by the Bioleninist Regime against the Outer Party, as an (un)holy elevation of that which they feared and found abhorrent.

Floyd was a sinner who was miraculously transformed into a saint. Meanwhile, the MSM, increasingly indistinguishable from Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, brazenly heralded ‘largely peaceful’ protests — against an iconoclastic apocalyptic backdrop of interracial violence and burning buildings.

The MSM engineered an Orwellian narrative, which ‘brute forced’ perception of reality through the construction and curation of linguistic and ethical inversions. The political and pseudo-ethical playing field, known as the public sphere, became increasingly warped in real time by the gravitational effect of asymmetric, one-sided Transvaluation.

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