Land > Moldbug / Jim

We are rapidly approaching Inauguration Day.

QAnon has been revealed as a psy-op. A sandbox designed to contain reactionary energy / opposition by inducing Trump’s most loyal / fanatical followers to “troost the plan” and reassuring them – at every stage of every set back, in the face of the cumulative load of multiple defeats, despite all counter-evidence to the contrary – that Trump is still “holding all the cards”.

The QAnon hoax installed a distributed protocol of ‘indefinite postponement’, which successfully bled the energy from whatever resistance Trump’s diehard supporters actually had the limited capacity to organise, let alone set in motion.

Troosters boast of the anti-fragile, distributed network of anti-Woke system resistance they represent / embody. But in reality – minus their actually competent fed infiltration component – they are a serum of disorganised conspiracy theorists / Larpers injected into an extraneous faction of Trump’s Boomer / Maga base. 

Since January 6, it would be far less surprising if Trump and his family were publicly executed on Inauguration Day than if a militant faction loyal to him attempted – let alone succeeded – pulling off a countercoup. 

We wanted to believe, but Trump cucked, which suggests Trump was always cucked, which means Trump was always a false hope, or as 0HP put it “we mistook a sunset for a sunrise”. 

And now it’s over.

Since the January 6 ‘insurrection’ debacle, Yarvin has been posting overtime – to divisive effect

Anons have spazzed out about him calling Trump’s supporters “deplorables”, or something. Sad!

His ‘non-violence’ principle has, ironically, come under attack. Anons have been pointing out that Yarvin’s formulation of the progressive strategy of “kick the dog until it bites you then shoot it” may be correct, but if you are the dog and you never attempt to bite back your enemies will quite happily kick you to death –  because they hate you.  

Other anons have been saying its just as libtarded as Justin Trudeau’s mantra that “if you kill you enemies, they win.” Of course, there’s nothing to suggest Trudeau actually believes this in practice. 

If these criticisms hit home it’s because Moldbug always imposed a ridiculous ‘non-violence’ clause in his theories. 

But I think it’s best to regard this as aesthetic. 

Retire means ‘retire’ F.

Moldbug didn’t want the charge of promoting violence, so he lied and said everyone can ‘retire’ from the Regime with a generous pension and a bonus. It’s very wise to say this while your enemies are in power and you are not, especially if you’re trying to persuade them that you’re ‘worthy’ of having power handed to you, instead.

Moldbug knows killing your enemies / permanently removing key nodes from the system is Lindy + the only way to prevent the progressive T1000 from reforming.

But of course, it’s best not to say so explicitly if you want to carry on living in US and mingling with the Elite class without the Feds knocking on your door.

Moldbug is not ‘useless’, he just imposes artificial limits on his critique, which Jim etc break down. 

I love Jim, but for all his Black Pill Jim is too White Pilled.

He was certainly too White Pilled on Trump, who turned out to be a cuck: a merchant / businessman to the marrow, unable to allow himself to be swept up on the historical currents and become – or vaingloriously fail trying to become – God Emperor.

In my opinion, Land has the best overarching understanding of the dynamics at play, he’s just not writing about it. 

Land is uber-realistic about Trump, democracy, power, etc. He’s just playing a much longer abstract game, which is the only game really. 

Land’s analysis is always cold, calculated. Zero ego and emotion. The same can’t be said for Yarvin or Jim. Their comparative emotionality clouds things.

Which is why, over the years, I increasingly triangulated Jim, Yarvin and Land to arrive at a more accurate picture of what was going on at the deepest level.

More than anything, Land wants a positive feedback cycle to kick in + the Cathedral aka the Human Security System aka the Theocratic Distributed Oligarchy is throttling it.

Jan 6 was a joke, in retrospect. The future encodes the past. We looked in the box and saw the cat was dead. 

Before Jan 6 everything was still indeterminate to the outsider — but the future was always path dependant and featured a ‘counter’-coup by the Regime > coup *staged* by the Regime and denying that is — to Land — humanist cope.

The fact that the — widely predicted + logically obvious — election fraud was allowed to proceed unchallenged at the time, suggests that it couldn’t be challenged at the time — the organisational capacity / Will wasn’t present to stop it.

Furthermore, fed on by QAnons, we then engaged in further cope with the wishful conspiracy thinking that this was all part of The Plan and that Trump wanted his enemies to hang themselves so that he could legitimately assume more power as Potus in his 2nd term.

But the reality is they gave Trump just enough rope to hang himself with the “insurrection” narrative, which he never had a military or even PR response to other than to be increasingly explicit in his anti-violence / ‘stand down’ rhetoric in a (likely futile) attempt to preserve his business interests – aka he cucked. Biggly.

But to Land these are all just superficial details – holographic representations for human tier sensory consumption – projected on the machinations of a superficial level of the energetic Matrix.

Land is interested in Abstract Dynamics, that’s how he sees things, then he humanises them to a certain extent for our consumption.

Yarvin is interested in systems + outputs, which are related to abstract dynamics, but are not perceived at such a high level of abstraction.

Jim is interested in historical cycles, which are also related to abstract dynamics, but are not perceived at such a high level of abstraction.

That’s why in the final analysis Land > Moldbug / Jim.

Much as I respect and learn from all three, it is Land who has the deepest conception of what is really going on, of what constitutes ‘reality’ at every level construed by abstract dynamic processes.

The whole US debacle is really nothing more than a sideshow for Land, anyway. The Abstract Dynamics mean it’s really just a question of whether or not the US can pull itself together sufficiently to provide any kind of techonomic challenge to China in 2020-60. 

For Land the Future isn’t dependant on the West, it already has a home in the East. The best the West can do is pull itself together sufficiently to give the East some competition. 

Everything is just nodes in an open system – concentrations of energy flows in the energetic Matrix, which constitutes reality. 

At a much lower resolution, Yarvin’s construct ‘The Press’ is a high order abstract concept made up of many nodes which energy flows through. It is hooked up to social media ‘giants’ like facebook, which is positioned ‘downstream’ from The Press because The Press has higher prestige attached to the ‘facts’ and opinions it publishes. Both are part of a cybernetic / recursive informational ecosystem, with a defined prestige topology, but are – separately and collectively – constituted from energetic feedback. 

The Press is not strictly bounded, but boundaries can nevertheless be situationally perceived, these are transitory and pulsate / fluctuate. What Yarvin calls The Dream – progressive consensus reality – is projected across this pulsating energetic etherial substrate. 

The Abstract Dynamics of the system are always churning, deconstructive + recombinant in nature, so The Dream (aka the New Religion) churns on. 

The Dream follows an entropic gradient, always swimming Left, because that is the path of least resistance – just as water flows downhill. 

Within the energetic Matrix, push against the uniflow of The Dream and you encounter a forcefield / asymmetric power gradient aka resistance. 

The Abstract Dynamics of the system are the totalised effect of all actions, counter-actions and recursive feedback of the energy within the energetic Matrix, which is itself nothing more than the totality of feedback loops / signals flowing between each node in the network / system, creating / constituting the energetic Matrix.

The Dream is merely an expression of the Abstract Dynamics of the levels of the simulation across which The Dream is produced, projected and encountered, suspended across the energetic Matrix or GNON.

7 thoughts on “Land > Moldbug / Jim

  1. Can you link to Land and Jim in some fashion? I’m reading all of Moldbugs stuff but I’m not sure i’m familiar with the other two


    1. I’ve added links in the text. Land is Nick Land and Jim is James A. Donald aside from Moldbug, they are two of the most significant forces shaping the formation of Neroreaction / NRx. Unfortunately, Land’s blog went down but you can still view it with patience via Internet Archive. Jim’s blog is still one of the most active places for NRx / Hard Right discussion.


  2. Even if Land’s analysis were to be the most true that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most useful. As Aristotle criticizes Plato, understanding on the abstract level isn’t the most vital information when we deal with things on a case to case basis. The immediate concern to people living in America is how the system relates to our lives and how we could possibly hope to get rid of it. In that regard I’d say Yarvin is more useful while Land seems disinterested in any specific positive outcomes for the West.


    1. I’d particularly concede that point, though criticising someone for being “most true” / correct feels a bit perverse. I’ve read at least as much Moldbug as I have Land and Jim, but I think a reader who triangulates all 3 will arrive at a superior understanding / awareness of the meta-political situation to an intellectually equal reader who — like many in the thread — are aware of Moldbug alone. I think Land maintains a certain gallows humour re what’s in store for the West.


    2. I would rate Jim as more practically useful than either Nick or Curtis (though I think Nick is “truest”).

      Jim has a lot of suggestions re: opsec, financial planning, life strategy. But far more importantly he’s the only one of the three who is outspokenly based on the Woman Question. It’s not really directly in the scope if Nick or Curtis’ analysis, which is fine. But Jim’s readers will I’d guess tend to have ~2 more kids on average vs. Nick or Curtis.


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