Interview with Anon: On Subversion

Below is an interview I completed with Anon back in September 2021. For various reasons, we decided to leak the interview out fully anonymously at the time. In part because the heat was on, but also because what was being discussed was so fucking hot. Almost one year on, it remains one of the most subversive, vital and original accounts / visions of how to use subterfuge and subversion — strategies of aggressive defence — not only to survive the Regime, but to advance your position within it.

If you can’t beat the Bioleninist coalition, join the Bioleninist coalition (and subvert it). 

“When someone beats you, adopt their methods.” States anon, defiantly. “Everyone is caught up on the goal, no one is working step by step backwards from that goal to our current position — except me.”

Anon continues, emphatically: “The real issue isn’t the enemy, whom we could easily steamroll, it’s the “moderate” “ally” maximally restraining us and using us to keep the enemy at bay while they loot the treasury.”

What follows is some of the freshest and most innovative thinking through of the perennial question concerning “what to do” currently taking shape on the dissident right.

I’d like to invite you to begin by roughly sketching out your model of the Regime and the form that Power takes within the extant hegemonic system.

We are held hostage by people who see us as food. We are their livestock.

In other countries, you have two cows. In America, you are the cow.

There is no inner or outer party, the dynamics vary depending on the domain. When it comes to inventing new methods of and justifications for torturing the livestock as punishment for noncompliance, the Democrats and more broadly the left are dominant. Republicans excel at livestock management, specifically cajoling the cattle to keep producing: just a little bit more, we’re almost there, just one more election and we’ll have the Supreme Court locked down, and so on. They are a team, one without the other is powerless.

Note that when I say Democrats and Republicans I mean the party bosses who are on board with the schemes of our untouchable oligarchs and their pet bureaucrats, and each party’s useful idiots. You can be a low-level county Republican party precinct captain and be in on the plots, as the recount and audit shenanigans showed us. While it’s rare, you can be a high-level party leader and oppose what’s going on. You can even be an oligarch like Peter Thiel.

Back on topic, the farm is owned by oligarchs, who sell the products of our labor to China via a complicated scheme intended to disguise the fact that China is using our resources to buy our resources. The oligarchs think that this will allow them to get the Chinese fully on their side, allowing them to finally standardize the world and become God-Kings of Finance and live forever, eat like an effendi, become immortal somehow, rape their own children and produce healthy adults, worship demons, and a bunch of other woo woo bullshit.

Other nations within our sphere of influence are farms, their people are livestock too. The management schemes vary, but almost none have “leave the livestock to their own devices and love them as family” among them.

All of the various competing factions are also cattle, though none of them believe this and many believe they are the secret rulers of America, the world, and in some cases the universe. The day to day managers are also livestock, though they do not believe they are. They look decidedly porcine, and their thought processes could be described in many cases as bovine. These are the Boomer Mindset people who staff meat packing plants in the Midwest that exclusively hire illegal aliens from Central and South America, and the childless SSRI low level functionary winehags who teach your kids how to do anal sex.

In some cases the low level managers have learned complicated patterns of mooing that they describe as speech, though whether or not anyone else can understand it is anyone’s guess. They use this “speech” to claim that they are changing the meanings of words, and that words are reality. I discern no difference in the grass after it was declared evil, though the kicks from the bull calling himself “Rob Eye” weren’t very pleasant. Neither was his insistence that I was attacking him while he tried to gore me. On occasion Rob Eye will opine that he is the God, or our God; the consensus among the older cattle is that he can’t help that he’s a special case and we should politely nod and compliment him until he goes away.

Rob Eye’s clique of cattle look slightly off, and are usually sickly and need extra care. Their cows have huge udders. They receive slightly better rations from the oligarchs for their inexplicable behavior towards the rest of the cattle, though their calves are just as afflicted by the Democrats as ours are – more so, even. For some reason they’ve taken to begging the oligarchs to give them vaccines one after another, over and over again. It doesn’t appear to have any effect, other than them becoming very agitated and locking up the wisest and most human among them for not going along with it.

Regarding Power: there is no abstract “power”, except that of natural law and the consequences of following it or not. Instead there are foci of power, which ultimately correlate with the ability to control resources, gather them, or both. Individually, charisma corresponds to control of collectives, intelligence to improvements in resource control and gathering, wisdom to avoiding failures. Control of processes – especially those regarding bureaucracies (machines made out of people) – is another power focus. Control of incentive structures is yet another.

It may be better to think of it as an ecosystem than a hegemonic system. The cognitive burden most people experience simply conceiving of power structures and hegemonic systems is so high that the loss of accuracy and precision in interpreting what you see through the lens of analogy is made up for by the ease of understanding them as ecosystems, farms, or living things.

The ecosystem analogy works well when you conceive of our rulers and their goons as cattle who have adapted to feed on us to survive.

Why they evolved to do so is related to scale, or rather SCALE.1

Is your conception of the structure of the Regime roughly in accordance with Spandrell’s Bioleninist framework, which pits the high and the low against the middle on a bio-identity-politic battleground?  

Spandrell is mostly correct on this, he just glossed over why they cooperate:

  1. They both need to keep us docile and productive to survive.
  2. The high pays the low in psychological wages, in the form of identity politics, which are redeemable for material benefits if and only if they do not defect against the high. Africans, for instance, use their Blackness identity as a wedge against multi-racial working-class solidarity. The payment they get is diversity hiring, a certain degree of legalized crime against other low and middle, cultural prestige, and government entitlements like Section 8 housing, food stamps, and so on. Note that they rarely MeToo the C-level executives who race-play with them on weekends in their personal sex dungeons.

The issue is magnified by what are essentially out of control and easily gamed resource allocation algorithms on a civilizational scale.

Operating systems need to manage access to resources like memory and CPU time, which were historically in high demand and short supply. A bunch of very smart people tried out a lot of different resource allocation schemes, but they discovered that there are trade-offs. The more complex the scheme, the more use you can wring out of the resource – but then your resource allocation algorithm uses more resources. Putting more effort and resources into managing resources costs more resources than you save after a certain point; or in the common tongue there is such a thing as too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

In some cases, the best resource allocation scheme is within a certain limit (a few dozen milliseconds of CPU time) mostly random. Or, to put it another way, determining what fields to sow or fallow is best determined by casting lots and letting the gods decide, because it’s essentially crop rotation with an extra step and far less work for a priest to explain to an illiterate farmer. On the same token, telling someone that, “God says so, dummy!” and whacking them on the head with your staff is less work than explaining why they’re isolating themselves from humanity by beating off too much.

I haven’t seen anyone post about this, but my other addition to Bioleninism is that corporations are contractual manifestations (legal constructs) of demons and open up portals to Hell.

The only unrealistic part of the interactive documentary Doom Eternal is that the UAC Spokesperson hologram isn’t transgender.

Consider a microwave manufacturer. If this is a sole proprietorship, then the owner can only scale up so much because he can’t sell stock, and he can’t easily get loans because he can’t personally manage the organization needed to effectively use a 500 million dollar loan. If he screws up and puts nuclear isotopes in his fantastic new power-free microwaves, the damage he can do is limited because he can only make so many, he can only ship so many, and he can’t deal with the completely different legal system next door in Iowa. Plus when he screws up, he can’t hop on a jet and live in his Appalachian compound accessible only by air or a 25 mile hike across a mountain range… he’s within a day or two drive of anyone he screws over, and he can’t afford private security or a compound. If you want to, you can go out there and beat the shit out of him with a tire iron while he’s getting his mail some fine Saturday morning.

A corporation has no such limits on growth; it can technically scale infinitely, like cancer. Like living things, they seek out power because power is the key to wealth, and their only purpose is to maximize wealth – nominally for those who own their stock, actually for those who manage them. On a long enough time frame a corporation will melt and engulf all that contains it, and merge everything with itself until it is the sole power, and then it will break you down and teach you to worship it as a god.

Or, as Zero HP Lovecraft puts it: Cthulhu, that which only swims left.

Now consider manufacturing at scale.

In a global economy, without trade protections anyone who doesn’t scale up gets eaten by those who do. So they have to do it.

The huge investments needed to scale up require massive or constant income, otherwise it’s a waste. Once they do it, they need to make their products as profitable as possible. The easiest way to do that is to make a shoddy product that breaks down over time, like light bulbs do. If they made light bulbs that last 80 years, then in a couple years everyone would have one, no one would need to buy many, and they’d be out of business due to being too good at manufacturing.

Manufacturing at scale leads to shittier products in the long run.

If you’re at all familiar with the mercantile portion of the British Empires history, then you know that a glut of supply creates incentives to increase demand. This leads to globalization; the British invaded China to force them to open their markets, and the USA sent Commodore Perry to intimidate Japan into the same. It also leads to marketing, or the study of how to get people to buy your crap, which ultimately ends with cells from aborted babies being used to make biologically integrated circuits that seek to objectively measure what tastes good, so you can stuff the world with your obesity inducing poison.

And as we all know by now from reading Burnham’s Managerial Elite (or reading other people tweet and post about it), those who manage the corporations eventually take over the running of it to serve their ends rather than those of the shareholders or the corporation’s stated mission.

They seek to live as the Bronze Age priests lived; they served the gods, they dispensed the god’s gifts and punishments to peoples totally dependent on them. We already see it in the servile racial castes and sexual identity janissaries taken from the children of the cattle; we see it in the harems of nubile secretaries (now carefully sterilized HR drones) eager to sign contracts with their bosses, but loathe to sign a contract with their fiancees without first reading the fine print and doing a round of negotiations and shit tests.

All of the evils of communism, capitalism, and fascism have merged into a set of distributed super-organisms which look and act like intangible demons, so it’s apt that we appropriate the criticisms of these things from Left Populism and Right Populism into a single whole. That we achieve a synthesis. What is left is to create our own super-organisms, to pray for angels to lead and guide us.

Given that demons manifested on Earth as legal constructs that by their very nature always become evil, their opposite should be – when or how they appear – things that:

  1. Are tangible.
  2. Are governed by a single source of responsibility (a sovereign), who can be destroyed for malice and removed for incompetence.
  3. Tend to swim right, or in other words by its nature becomes good no matter its original purpose. This is a function of accountability.
  4. Deniably but plausibly divine, because God always leaves room for human works and human works require faith. Or, to put it another way, explicitly religious, nationalist, populist, and right wing in such a way that no internal contradictions exist. That is, the defining principle should be, “What is good and natural for my people according to God.”

This won’t fix all our problems, of course. We’ll still have to do our homework and study the Regime for exploits. And there will always be criminals. But not incentivizing evil and not allowing legal constructs that inevitably become evil will go a long way.

Another word for construct is golem, an obedient and ambulatory but empty vessel. Empty vessels are eventually filled by willful things. Every human power eventually falls – rather than fill it with imperfect human good and then deal with the failures of that and whatever fills it when us humans fail, I’d rather not have them. We can do without beacons broadcasting their vulnerability into the void.

You’ve built a novel framework for action within a hostile system, which at best wants to disenfranchise / dispossess / enslave you, and at terminal velocity wants you dead. Unlike many others on the dissident right, your framework is essentially parasitic and subversive — you eschew building things because they are only likely to be stolen by the Regime, and are therefore empowering to it, regardless of the architect’s intentions.

The Regime is already parasitic on us. They need us to survive, so if we stop contributing to their well-being in a way that prevents them from retaliating, then they will die off.

Don’t contribute to a system that hates you.

Every time we tried to expel the parasites in our society, they rebuffed us and stole more power to prevent us from trying again. We can’t beat them with direct methods, so we should switch to trying indirect methods.

It’s not even necessary to be violent to win. We can just ignore them and they can’t do shit.

It’s possible that the Regime will go hog wild and start droning and carpet bombing everyone in Trump Country if we ignore enough of their demands. If they do that, all we need to do is cut their supply lines, wait for their weapons to run out of fuel, block sea resupply, and wait for them to starve to death. Like, why the fuck are guys with portraits of Mao on their mantles isolating themselves in fortress cities while they threaten the rurals who surround them and control all their resupply bottlenecks with extermination?

Do they realize that China already has submersible attack drones, and that any dumb ass with a 3D printer and proficiency with Python can throw together something similar? They’re already cut off from sea resupply. They literally have no way to win militarily that doesn’t end with them going full Fuhrer Bunker lunacy while they poison their families and blow their brains out.

Their only options are to employ foreign mercenaries (which is what our central American colonizers are) and to intimidate us. To twist their mercenaries against them we literally just need Spanish language Alex Jones on radio stations all through the West, Southwest, Midwest, and South. Indios and mestizos are natural fascists, they just need a few nudges to get them there.

Even if they somehow win, we can lay around in FEMA camps and shitpost IRL while the infrastructure that only cisgender heterosexual White male rednecks know how to maintain fails.

What I do fear is foreign adventurism. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend 4 hours a day singing the praises of Chairman Mao and the other 12 waking hours picking cotton, while watching a petite Han incel grope my girlfriend in her red wedding dress. Neither do I want to pay protection money to 4’ 9” goblinos who will hack me up with landscaping tools when they snort too much of their own dope.

Anyone who thinks China is based and redpilled has no knowledge of them. They are society of effete urbanites, and they consider everyone who doesn’t boil dogs alive in sewage to be a stinky barbarian. This is hardly BAPtist. They venerate scholars, by which they really mean bureaucrats who memorize Current Year Thought and spend the rest of their lives doing fuck-all. They are the result of centuries of repeated Malthusian agricultural failures. Worse, all of the FOB Chinese I’ve met leave visible (and worse, smell-able) residues on everything they touch. Their best science fiction author – who is apparently widely read among the ruling caste – believes that they should exterminate everyone who isn’t them, and is so lacking in theory of mind that they assume that everyone else believes the same thing.

While you can’t get away with starting a militia, you can start a local branch of Antifa. You might even be able to get funding from a Soros NGO. Plus you’d be a tax-free non-profit that is totally illegible to the Regime as an enemy.

By the same token, instead of starting a Trumpist gated community or a compound for your qt brown gf harem, you could start a “hippy commune”, make up a bunch of bullshit about crystals, peace, anti-racism, and trans rights, decorate (or camouflage, rather) the exterior appropriately, and then do your own thing on the inside.

You can build things, you just need to make them invisible or illegible to the Regime. If you’re not considered a target for their soft power, you can keep your hard power for when you need it.

While you’re doing this, you should work to infiltrate or create some faction or state government in power that will protect us, and degrade the US military and paramilitary groups like the FBI by agitating for diversity hiring in them. It’s a hell of a lot easier than accepting that your barn may eat a Hellfire missile any day of the week; and if anyone deserves a 13% African-American and 15% Mesitzo workforce, it’s the IRS.

Owning a ranch accessible only by horse 25 miles from the nearest two stoplight village isn’t invisible or illegible to a drone. They can launch one in Arizona and patrol from San Diego to Seattle. When a morbidly obese ATF agent looks at your little collection of log cabins, he doesn’t see people; he sees a new truck and braces for his porcine spawn. The instant that lard-ass doctors and nurses were protected from legal and criminal liability they put tens of thousands of “COVID-19” patients (who actually were just anxious from media gas lighting) on respirators and sedated them until they died because it’s less work if they’re knocked out. If doctors and nurses do that once they are absolved of responsibility, imagine what the cops will do.

If you want to survive with what you have, you either need to be part of a bigger and better team, or you need to look like you’re not an enemy.

This could be as simple as registering Democrat (or Communist, or Green), voting however you want, and donating $5 a year to the DSA, ADL, and SPLC. Put a “Black Trans Lives Matter” sticker on your car. That sort of thing, a cursory protective coloration to allow you to keep what you have.

If you’re poor as fuck or you want to indulge in degeneracy, then you can employ my framework and use lefty methods to harm them. Learn the eviction and squatting laws in your area, set up a squat with a bunch of other degenerates (or your righty crew disguising yourselves as degenerates), live there until you’re about to be kicked out, throw a rager and invite everyone to trash the place, then leave and do it again. I’m not sure how one would determine what properties are owned by lefties or ultimately by BlackRock, but if you could that is ideal.

The Regime is not going to bomb their own cities, and the increasing lawlessness of cities will make them playgrounds for anyone with shall we say antisocial tendencies, regardless of their politics. If that’s you, have at it. Just make sure you’re camouflaged as a libtard first.

In cities that legalize public urination and defecation, simply carry toilet paper with you and take fat shits whenever you like. If you’re prone to organizing and are open about opposing the left, you could feed the homeless 30 gallons of chili and hand out rolls of toilet paper, then have an impromptu protest (a shit-in?) in the boutique commercial district. You could say it’s a protest against lack of public bathrooms if you want to LARP as a lefty, or do it to watch the world burn. This is what the police honeypot known as the Proud Boys should be doing, not walking face-first into FBI sting operations.

In each of these instances, you are taking something the left holds sacred and using it to harm them.

Compare this to the behavior of the Republican party elites. They supported Trump where doing so allowed them to improve or maintain the abilities of the Regime to corral the Right – they want no accountability for police, the military, the intelligence services, corporations, and especially our traitorous oligarchs. You have people like David French doing literal pilpul to twist the Bible – one of the foundations of our civilization – into a nightmarish text that can be used only to support our destruction.

Essentially, the Republicans are doing the exact same thing I propose we do to the left, only to the Republicans we are the targets, they pull the tricks, and the left benefits. David French is clearly a concern troll who pulled my strategy of adopting a tactical Bantu to use as a human shield against criticism.2

Not that there’s anything wrong with adopting a tactical Bantu! Just make sure you get it an orchiectomy that it was assigned boy at birth (clearly any ABAB Bantu you adopt is trans), and drop it off at the local gay bathhouse once it turns 13. If you adopt a girl, put her to work washing dishes and sweeping floors, and if you aren’t a pushover she should turn out just fine as a nurse’s aid once she can go to the Vocational Education high school.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t build things so much as I’m saying that:

  1. You should take steps to blend in so you’re not recognized by the Regime as an enemy.
  2. You should ensure that if you are recognized there is no easy way for them to steal what you built without destroying it, benefiting you, or harming them.
  3. You should instead work to steal back what the left has already stolen, and anything they built.

In your schema the primary obstacle isn’t the enemy (aka the Bioleninist coalition), which you insist could be dispatched of with relative ease, but the “moderate” “ally” who is actively restraining us while simultaneously using us to keep the enemy at bay, while pillaging the treasury. Take us through your thinking on how the moderates are the “real enemy” and how best to attack / subvert and divest them of opportunity / authority within the system?

I sort of covered this in my earlier answers, but I can elaborate.

Did you ever notice how it’s always us leading the fight and it’s always the vast majority of elected and appointed Republicans in the rearguard, robbing the baggage train, or in full retreat? But whenever we are about to score a victory against the Regime, they charge over us and stand athwart our crumpled bodies, shouting “STOP! PUT THAT SPEAR DOWN! THAT IS NOT WHO WE ARE!”

Well, when they say, “That is not who we are,” they are telling the truth – defeating the left isn’t who they are. When it comes to Republicans and us, there is no “we” because they aren’t on our side.

The Republican party’s mission is to maximally restrain us and let the left beat and stab us until we agree not to vote for Trump again.

They are a group not of bandits, but confidence artists and conmen. They don’t do direct violence, they trick other people into doing it for them. As long as we keep them in power, sitting pretty with pensions, health care, and insider trading opportunities – and $5 million a year job with Wall Street or a defense contractor afterwards – they’ll do the bare minimum to keep the Democrats from destroying our lives with insane policies. Not enough that we can ever escape needing the Republican party, though – can’t have the milk cows escaping the pasture! – but just enough that we can create more value for them to harvest

The Democrats want to torture the milk cow to death because “they identify as milk cows and we are othering them and denying them their lived experiences” – really they just want to rape it, eat it’s children, and sell the milk cow to China, where it’s teats will be sliced off and a spigot installed in it’s gall bladder.

The Republicans understand that they must keep the milk cow thinking that they love it, so instead of beating it themselves they let the Democrats beat it. They just want to maximize milk and calf production, eat like kings, and then send ole Betsy to the glue factory once she’s no longer good for anything else.

We are the milk cow.

In this scenario, the milk cow has few options. She can lay down and refuse to move, resulting in the Democrats beating her while the Republicans watch on the other side of the fence with a sympathetic look on their faces.

She can moo as loud as she can to attract a bull powerful enough to drive the Democrats and Republicans off. The last bull, Trump, was overcome with distractions and soft calming sounds from the Republicans so they could get in his blind spot and to stun him with a hammer while the Democrats darted in and out with daggers. The bull may be stupid, but he is still a welcome distraction for the Democrats and Republicans.

What I propose is that us milk cows start eating weeds and mushrooms that won’t harm us but will harm the farmers. That we poison our milk, or drink our milk before the farmer can steal it and then leave piss in the bucket for the farmers. Or that we learn a few tricks from the wild hogs or the dogs, and learn to disguise ourselves as something other than cattle. We could also just lie to the collaborators.3

It’s been so long since the farmers did any milking that they don’t even know how milking works. We can get away with a lot.

Whatever tricks we try, we must survive until the process of ethnogenesis from cattle into buffalo is complete.

Another way of looking at what Republicans do to their base is the old, “Let’s you and him fight” trick. They rile us up and point us at the Democrats, and let us tire each other out. When it looks like we’re gonna win they grab some totally inconsequential thing and interpret it under identity politics to sharpen it as a dagger and backstab us with it. Then they pick up their Democrat friends, dust them off, and send them on their way with a handful of our money before they turn back to us and order us back to our holding pens for being bigots.

Our best option is to flip the Republican’s strategy on its head. Instead of charging in and rescuing the Republicans every time they inexplicably and totally-not-deliberately manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, why don’t we just stand back, magnify them as targets, and let the Democrats bludgeon them? Why don’t we let the Republicans and Democrats fight, then finish off the winner?

We don’t have to necessarily destroy the careers of all the Republican politicians, just the ones who aren’t on our sides. If they side with the donors, sabotage them and when they fall replace them with our guys. If we’re not sure if they’re on our side, letting them fight the other side is a good test.

Why don’t we let the Democrats stab the Republicans in the front while we work to take over Republican party voting precincts so we can stab them in the back and steal their party out from underneath them?

From what I’ve heard, it’s already happening. Supposedly Bannon is involved in it, or covering it, but I haven’t been keeping tabs on him. He seems like a lolcow so I’m pretty wary of his involvement, but he’s probably just trying to grift off it. I know the left is pretty worried about it, which is often a good sign, and a sign we should be doing it in a distributed manner, independent of a grifting central leadership.

David Hines4 is somewhat suspect – he worked for the FBI, but it was in Yugoslavia apparently digging up mass graves – and his Twitter posting resembles that of a 22 year old art hoe film major, but he covers lefty organizing and it wouldn’t hurt to read his takes once in a while.

We can help dissidents get elected by riling up the other cattle without harming them. You could stage Trans Pride marches where the core is your guys in drag and disguises, flouncing around in S&M leather daddy gear with their barbell nipple piercings protruding.5

Put up some inverted pentagrams, fill a balloon with cream and red food coloring, put it under a pregnant “trans” marcher’s shirt, and then stage a satanic fake abortion on your state’s capitol steps. Post pics and videos on your organizations social media accounts.

Make sure you invite all the local Never Trump Republicans to the festivities, and get plenty of pics and photos of them enjoying themselves. Even if they depart before the end, you can still link them to it with a bit of media manipulation that the average pants-on-head retarded journalist does by instinct.

Unless you’re trying to get a Never Trumper on Tucker Carlson endorsing your astroturfed degeneracy, you’re never gonna make it.

A warning: you should never talk about IRL organizing online, and anything you do should be with local lads affecting local goals. There should be no electronic records of anything you plan, or anyone’s real beliefs. You should keep the actual details secret so no one can react until it’s too late – Loose Lips Sink Ships. Your goal should be to pal around with the local Republican party apparatus, suss out their loyalties to Trump, and if they are Regime Republicans find some plausibly deniable and legal way to ruin their lives until they quit the party.

You could bang their wives, knock them up if possible, and mock them to their face about it if you don’t mind being booted from polite company.

You could give the Regime Republicans in your precinct incorrect times and places for meetings, and give Trumpists the correct times and places.

If you find out that they are committing any crimes, you could gather all the evidence you can find, package it in an easy to digest form, and send it to the state bureau of investigation or IRS. Reporting crimes isn’t illegal, it’s only illegal if you try to blackmail or extort them. You don’t want to do that because it’s illegal, and because it gives them a heads up that the cops are on to them. Don’t let them know that the law is on their asses until it’s too late for them to do anything about it.

You could send anonymous reports of tax evasion, sexual harassment, homosexual liaisons, or what have you to the appropriate authorities. Ideally these things should concern their personal and professional lives outside the party, to distract them and remove their wealth and prestige.

You could if you’re so connected, spread malicious gossip about them.

You could leave notes written in woman’s handwriting thanking them for a wonderful day, with lipstick marks on them, in their coat pockets or tactically hidden in the passenger side compartments of their cars.

All we have to do is take over the Republican party at the precinct level, and then we can move our people up the chain and purge as we go.

Yeah, I know Trump says and does dumb shit, but regardless of your opinion of him, he is the perfect tool for splitting normiecons from cuckservatives. I believe that both the pro- and anti-Trump factions of the dissident Right are correct: Trump is a retard, and our best hope.

There was a lot of talk among the TRS crowd about how they were “using Trump, he’s not using” them. That turned out to be just talk, because they had no plan except show up in real life, facedox, and at some point the Fairy Godmother would show up and everything would be lollipops and unicorns forever and ever.

Richard Spencer quoted Ras Al-Ghul and said that, “Deception and theatricality are powerful weapons to the uninitiated,” and then he openly discussed his plans on Twitter and had a series of autistic meltdowns when none of them worked and they were promptly co-opted by his enemies. He also said something to the effect of, “If you see something falling, give it a push,” and then staged a righty rally deep in enemy territory months in advance and actually showed up instead of just no-showing and letting Antifa wreck the place to let off steam.

“By their fruits ye shall know them.”

If the fruits of anyone’s thoughts, words, and actions are shit, then they are shit and you should avoid them. Never mind that almost none of the Alt-Right pass the physiognomy or minimum human decency requirements tests, and that they would in an actual Nat-Soc state be sent to a concentration camp.

It’s like there’s this mindset, where many on the dissident right actually believe the Republican bullshit story about “respectable and honorable defeat”. Fuck that, I don’t give a single shit about respect and honor, I want victory. They seem to think that either you’re breaking the law or you’re a cuckold, when in reality there are an almost infinite supply of things you can do that are:

  1. Totally legal.
  2. Indisputably unethical and in many cases outright immoral.
  3. Highly effective.
  4. Un-counter-able by the Regime without Regime self-harm.

I talk a lot of shit about the Republican party, but like the Bible it’s what we got. I’m not a theorist, I’m concerned with reality on the ground, and a mainstream party purged of Regime elements is better than trying to start over with a new dissident righty party like what happens every 8 years or so in Britain when the previous one is banned.

My specialty is taking an existing system and re-configuring its components towards some optimal end. In politics, that’s whatever serves our interests as various flavors of righties. The actual specifics don’t matter so long as they are moving in the correct direction, we have infiltrated their organizations to get our guys in the government, and our guys have pristine OpSec.

To reiterate: We don’t have to beat both the Democrats and the Republicans to win. We just need to let the Democrats and Regime Republicans fight it out, then finish off the winner. This was Mao’s strategy during the Japanese invasion – he signed a treaty with the Nationalists to fight the Japanese, then laid back, gained strength, and consolidated power among his own party while they were beating each other to death, with a few hit and run attacks here and there.

Given that Mao’s fight was Rural vs Urban, we have much in common with him and his party at the time.

How to actually pick a fight between the two wings of the Uniparty isn’t something I know how to do, at least not yet. If someone is on our side, we should back them up; if not, let the Democrats beat them if we can’t primary them – that’s all I can come up with until I or someone else studies the party systems and delivers a report.

And that is hugely important, probably the most and only important thing: study the system, study the enemy, study yourself. If you don’t know how a system works and you don’t know how to harm it, then you lose and you deserve to lose for being a fucking poser.

Something else to consider: Most normies won’t accept that violence is an option – or is required – until they have exhausted all other options. I hope that it isn’t required, since I repudiate it, and of course I would never do anything violent myself nor encourage others.

However, normies are useful for exerting pressure on the Regime. So we should exhaust all other options. Once the Regime has defeated all methods of peaceful reform available to us, we won’t need to do any violence at all, the normies will do it themselves. Our job then is to shrug our shoulders at the Regime and tell them, “I told you so,” before the normie hordes are done with them.

Normies don’t care about this boring shit because normies have better things to do: have sex, give birth, raise their kids, work, keep the country fed and functioning, party a bit, grill on weekends, and relax when they can.

It’s our job as weirdos to listen and obey when normies speak. We seek to serve them, so we must do the work that they can’t. As it becomes obvious that none of this shit will work and violent upheaval is needed to get things working for them, their warriors will step forward and angrily demand compliance from the paper pushers with direct threats of violence.

And when they do, we sit back and watch them take their revenge on the Regime.

You see, I’m not going to do anything violent, I’m just doing everything but violence so the people who are very good at violence see that only it will work, and then I let them do their thing and stand by the exit with a concerned look on my face, and I tell the Regime that they can negotiate with me or they can try to fight the normies.

The normies chose Trump as their weapon against the Regime. Trump as President didn’t work. Now let’s try Trump in Congress. What will the Regime do? Will they do to him what they’ve been threatening? I hope they don’t, I love that big tall blonde retard. But if they do, we must be ready to capitalize on it with propaganda and non-violent agitation.

We must force the regime to make it explicit that they will kill us to stay in power, and that they will die before they give up power. Every iteration where they stop reform delays violent reaction but makes it more popular and compelling. So, keep iterating! Iterate with a smile on your face, because every non-violent reform attempt that fails is another shovel full of dirt they are throwing out of a hole.

It’s just like teaching something to someone who is very set in their ways, you just gotta do things their way until they inevitably fail, then keep calm and earn their trust.

I don’t know if peaceful reform through increasingly arcane methods will work, but I do know that the popular desire for violent upheaval will only increase as it doesn’t. There’s no downside to trying reform through increasingly arcane methods either, other than the media chimping out, looking foolish, and spending the last of their credibility. There is a hell of a lot of downside to violent methods by fools, and of course it’s evil, and so I repudiate it.

We should also consider political alternatives to both reform and reaction.

If we can get enough support – by converting normies and getting our people in power – in state governments, then we can sign agreements between states that can later be formalized into mutual defense pacts, watershed management, banking and alternative currencies, border patrol and immigration, and really any obligation that the federal government has abandoned. We should be agitating for our states to form their own FDA and CDC so they can authorize lifesaving medications during this pandemic, while the federal government drags it’s feet and fucks up nonstop.

Once we have enough states, we can set up new forms of representational government between these states: a parallel federal government. We can elect leaders, perhaps a certain Orange President. We can decide to expel cities that are within our borders from our states, and simply ignore the other states and federal government.

I personally would prefer a confederation in the Swiss style over a federated republic. This confederation can rule that certain things are unconstitutional (Civil Rights Act, 19th Amendment) and then leave it up to the states to form their own constitutions and bills of rights. I would definitely prefer to live in a state that is explicitly Christian, and I’m sure the Reddit atheists would love to have their own state. So why don’t we agree to go our separate ways (after letting the old union starve for a while)?

We can’t and should not be balkanized into regional unitary states, because if we do we will become playthings of powers that are more unified than us. We must have a core of heartland states and access to both oceans and both borders. Anything else is suicide.

And why the fuck are we whining about the evils of Democracy when it’s oligarchs and their bureaucrats who have abandoned it and overruled the citizens. Gay marriage was mandated by the Supreme Court, the 2020 election shenanigans where ignored (and therefore endorsed) by the Supreme Court, California’s prop 187 was overruled by a judge.

The enemy gave us the American flag, nationalism, patriotism, and populism. We should not let them keep democracy or the idea of a democratic republic. In fact we should troll them by building our own parallel institutions that are in fact more democratic than theirs, in that they represent the will of the people who founded and built this country from a howling maelstrom of tribal war and desolation.

Do not abandon useful symbols of legitimacy to the Regime. Steal them for yourself. And do not stop the Regime when they are making mistakes.

You possess an acute awareness / understanding of ways to gain power — or at least survive — through political subversion and syphoning energy from the Regime. Can you take us through some concrete examples of the kind of thing you advocate dissident rightists (who may be philosophically / temperamentally / reflexively opposed to these kinds of measures) doing in place of / in concert with their current tactics of opposition to the Regime?

There are a couple of long-winded6 and pretty badly written7 articles that I stole these ideas from. Anyone who wants a few good ideas can read them instead. I just took this guy’s ideas and ran with them.

The comments the author apparently left here8 are useful, and I’ll reproduce them.

The only way forward for us is massively parastizing lefty-held institutions in the hope that we can suck all the juice out of the behemoth and watch it fall before it kills us all, and before China nukes us after all the missile silo and sub commanders are replaces with sheboon FTM troons.

What we need are the right-wing equivalent of Jeffrey Epstein: ruthless scumbags who see the left as food, and who use / see non-righties as tools to further their cause.

When I take some asian thot home and nut inside her, it’s not because I am trying to save the white race, but because knocking her up and making asian men turn away from her in disgust in shame when they see her at the family reunion with my hapa kid is a revolutionary act. I have cut her off as an ally from her kin, and made in her a potential ally to white shitlords. This is the same method that black men attempt to use against us, but they’ve run out of naive white girls and are stuck with fatties now that they’re whiny women and not the badasses that movies told us they were for decades.

We don’t need to formulate new methods; the methods our enemies use against us clearly work. We’re smarter than our enemies, so we can use them to greater effect than they do.

Nothing I wrote about in my Ride the Tiger articles is ground-breaking. None of it is new. It’s just the enemy’s methods, turned against them.

But what do I know, I’m just a “transgender” womyn who sued xir employer and is now a proud homeowner.

What exactly is “right wing” about not reproducing and chasing strategies that haven’t worked for the right since the 1930s?

The bare minimum you need to do to win is reproduce. Everything else is secondary to that, because without white people there is no white people’s party. Thus one should knock up as many white women as possible and teach those women how to get the system to pay for our spawn. It certainly works for our friends the blacks, so why wouldn’t it work for us?

1. Use the enemy’s weapons against them.
2. If you see something falling, give it a push.
3. Adapt to the hell world and rule as a demon lord, or die.
4. “Meaning” means nothing if you are dead. Lose and the enemy will decide what your struggle meant, as world war 2 demonstrates.

The enemy has given a massive list of tactics, strategies, methods, whatever, that we know work. We know they work against us, that’s for sure. These tactics/strategies/methods are weapons, they’re tools. And they’re sitting right there waiting for you to pick them up. Do you have the balls to do it, or are you going to nitpick about how “that won’t really work, blah blah blah I just want to tell lefties how they’re hypocrites and play my vidya gaymes”?

We live in Hell, but Hell only remains Hell because the Good who are damned to live there go to their jobs and contribute to it’s continued functioning. If the Good abandon “Good for it’s own sake” for “Good for my guys only” and behave as demons towards those who are demonic to them, then Hell stops being Hell.

You want your life in Hell to stop sucking? Grow some talons, thicken your hide, fork your tongue, and meet Evil with Evil.

Otherwise give up and die.

The “moral high ground” 4GW stuff only works if the enemy can’t persuade the vast majority of people that you didn’t deserve it. Given that the media persuaded at least 60 million people that the Orange Man is Literally Hitler, what makes you think they won’t paint you as Hitler after they drone strike your kids while they wait for the school bus?

The future belongs to whoever shows up. Reproduce or you lose everything.

I agree, organizing is futile. To make a D&D analogy, the system is a dungeon in which we are stuck. The dungeon and its inhabitants are optimized to annihilate warriors, both loners and teams, and to redirect their efforts towards propaganda that keeps the mass of peasants also stuck inside it working to sustain it. The people (if you can call them that – let’s assume they’re drow or kobolds) who run the dungeon are a cabal of rogues, with a few bards and maybe a sorcerer/wizard/cleric doing the technical mass surveillance spell casting and keeping the trains running on time for the elites.

The Cabal wants you to take classes as a warrior. It needs you to do that. If you level up as a warrior, then you become a boogeyman to keep the peasants in line and justify intensifying crackdowns on the peasants (the Cabal loves nothing more than tormenting peasants).

If you try to take classes as a Wizard (tech guy off the reservation), Sorcerer, Cleric (religion in opposition to the Cabal), or Bard (Trump), the system will use all it’s resources to destroy you, and eventually the warriors they have brainwashed or who are members of the Cabal will imprison or kill you.

The one thing the Cabal doesn’t prepare for are Rogues. Take levels in Rogue – train your Bluff, Diplomacy, and Perception skills – and the Cabal can’t stop you so long as you use your skills in deception and subterfuge to deceive them the same way they deceive others. They spend decades lying to others. To master deception, you must lie to yourself and believe your own lies or have a deep well of sardonic loathing to draw on to morally justify it to yourself. Without that well, you lose the ability to detect lies from others, especially in regard to well-trained liars.

The Cabal has a single, systematic blind spot that they literally can’t account for, because to do so would erode their ability to control the peasants: they can’t easily detect deception, and when they detect it they can’t severely punish it without making one another nervous that they may be purged next. A wise Rogue, once busted, would muddy the waters as much as possible to make it seem like an internal purge.

Worse than that, they have rigged their control mechanisms so lying is easy and comfortable for anyone who wishes to use deception to defect against the peasants. Any incel man can claim he’s a woman, grow his hair out, dye it the color of a poisonous tropical frog, and from then on he is de facto allowed to bash feminist women whose defections ruined our society decades ago. If he somehow goes to prison, Biden’s executive order ensures that he does soft time in a woman’s prison and gets the full benefits of the Pussy Pass (early release being most relevant here).

The Cabal has optimized their dungeon for Rogues; you are a fool if you don’t train as a Rogue, or at least take a few levels in it before you pursue as a career as a Barbarian (street fighter), Fighter (soldier or cop), Ranger (innawoods), Cleric (religious leader), Wizard (technician or scientist), or Bard (charismatic entertainer).

If you go pure Rogue, or maybe take some prestige classes or archetypes, you get an easy, comfortable life… until food production in the dungeon collapses, then the knives come out. But you’re a Rogue after all, you should be prepared for that.

If all the peasants took classes in Rogue and lounged about like Mediterraneans (instead of working like Teutonics to keep the Cabal fed and happy), the whole thing would collapse in months. There nothing’s wrong with work provided the work benefits only you and yours. If it benefits someone else, it’s not work and you shouldn’t do it.

The street fighters of 1920s and 1930s Germany had judges on their side. They had control of institutions. That’s why they could riot, street fight, and kill one another. Today, the left controls all the institutions that matter, and we control none. Therefore, we can’t use the tools that were used 100 years ago if we hope to win.

Marches, protests, riots, and street fighting don’t actually do anything useful in and of themselves. They are tools used to create pressure and inflict material harm on enemies, neutrals, and “allies” with a bad habit of defection. Without media control to spin the narrative in your favor, any real life actions at best do nothing to help you and at worst are spun to harm you as much as possible.

Collective and individual IRL resistance is a death trap, and should be avoided at all costs. The only thing that works IRL is subversion, deception, and parasitism of enemy/neutral institutions. Everything else should remain online or not exist at all.

If you want to do something good, get photos of the IRL lefties you know, make a fake snapchat filter of those images featuring them saying the Gamer Word, and post it to Reddit so lefties can dox and life-ruin one of their own.

Best case scenario, a lefty is life-ruined and becomes either neutral, powerless, or a righty (or they kill themselves in despair lol). Worst case scenario, Reddit gets sued and is shut down, and the lefty in question spends the money in his NES cart collection or something equally stupid.

Create win-win scenarios for yourself, and lose-lose scenarios for your enemies. Never reveal yourself for what you are. Never do anything that is explicitly illegal. Never talk to the cops.

It’s not necessary to organize to defeat the enemy. They could throw us all in camps and still lose, because they need us to survive.

Thus the simplest, easiest, lowest-risk, and most important of all perfectly legal method going forward is to teach everyone how to leech of the system and prepare for its collapse. Even something simple like running cash-only businesses that can’t be easily audited like illegals do, or learning how to set up a speakeasy and vet clients like half the people in the apartment complex across the street from me did.

I made my mortgage payment by charging people I trust to use my home gym, and I made friends with local bureaucrats, firefighters, EMTs, store shift managers, regular dudes. I already leveraged that into deals on goods that are hard to find in a pandemic, and was able to profit from insider info on how systems actually operate.

Organizing isn’t a bunch of retards wearing costumes from a dead movement from 100 years ago. It’s just making friends, even with people who don’t agree with you 100%.

In the abstract, everything this guy proposed (and which I stole) are redirection of resources from their intended destination and towards some other destination.

If you look at fantasy/horror vampirism, it is the redirection of essential bodily fluids and primal life energies from sustaining yourself towards sustaining that which can’t independently sustain itself.

These sorts of things – analogies – are cognitive tools that allow you to understand something enough to run it through a testing framework, from which you can derive much greater understanding. You can even build a line of analogies one after another, similar to crossing a stream by dropping rocks and then standing on them to drop more rocks until you have a path.

Analogies extend your cognitive abilities by presenting you with an opportunity for synthesis between what is familiar and what is not. As you test the new thing, you determine its borders and nature and your original analogy shifts. This process continues, the analogy evolving, until you have a new analogy that is as close to the reality of the new thing as you can managed.

Now you have two tools where before you had one.

Your understanding of something doesn’t have to be perfect, it must only be good enough for you to play with it and suss out it’s behavior without seriously hurting yourself. You do have to study the system a bit though, or rely on people who have. Playing with found objects without understanding the risks of doing so will eventually be lethal.

Disguising yourself as a transgender person by filing paperwork to change your official gender is legal, and given that there’s no requirement to maul your genitals and that saying you must have a certain appearance or apparent genital structure is transphobic, there is no way to test if you are sincere other than looking at your communications or asking you. If the Regime starts giving out tax breaks to transgender people – they tried to do it for farmers earlier this year, as loan forgiveness if I remember correctly – then as long as you shut the fuck up about it you can do it with no problems.

Currently the job market is such that you can’t get a corporate job, get promoted, avoid firing, or get a raise as a cisgender heterosexual White man. You can however get all of these goodies if you change your gender, maybe adopt a new name and try the latest “80’s Goth or Taliban?” fashions in eyeliner.

If your new name is subtly ironic, it may trigger your winehag powerbitch coworkers into accusing you of faking your gender transition, which if repeated often enough is a guaranteed firing. Nothing like a clever disguise that trolls your enemies into impulsive behavior for which they can be easily purged.

If you’re especially subtle, you can use the disguise to bully AWFLs. Or worse, penetrate their organizations, disrupt operations by “accidentally” making mistakes, gather useful information such as party registration lists and email backups, wait for them to misgender you, and then ruin their careers and extract money in the form of lawsuits from them and whoever employs them. One guy in the right place can destroy an entire organization with less than ten lines of code: destroy backups and then erase the servers (after making your own backups). It’s not like they can sue you or have you arrested if they have no records or logs of their organization that weren’t destroyed.

Transgender ideology is a useful skinsuit for the novice shapeshifter.

Looking at this through the abstraction of resource redirection, you are taking resources intended for a group that are overwhelmingly our enemies, and in doing so you are triggering reactions from regime loyalists that you can use to purge those regime loyalists.

Now I will explain why I repudiate violence.

Antifa uses a tactic called Intermediate Violence. These are violent acts that are annoying enough to disrupt enemy activity, but which fall short of the level of violence needed to justify escalation. It works only in tandem with law enforcement prosecution of retaliatory Intermediate Violence from their enemies, which forces their victims to either use a lower level of violence (which feeds into their desire for domination of those more physically powerful than themselves, probably due to childhood sexual abuse) and acknowledge their authority stolen from the state which by allowing it condones it, or to escalate and make Antifa look like innocent victims and martyrs if their enemies escalate high enough.

Without the cops there to arrest people for resisting them, you get the 2015 and 2016 road fights where totally average White guys beat the dogshit out of upper class Antifa twerps. Given that cops are a necessary part of the formula, you can assume that all Antifa violence is endorsed by the state as a means to attack those whom it is not yet acceptable for the police to attack and harass.

What no one has realized yet is that the level of violence considered intermediate varies from place to place, changes depending on circumstances, and has changed over time.

Antifa didn’t just start forming street gangs and beating up righties overnight. They didn’t even start with violence. They started by networking, they started with good ole boy networks where they got each other jobs, promoted their people, back-stabbed their enemies in organizations and those in the way, and generally schemed their way to control of institutions needed to determine policy.

They did this because to be openly violent back then as they are now would get them locked up and barred from polite society. They couldn’t be violent, so they had no choice but to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top… which is the same position we’re in right now.

Once they had enough people in leadership positions in various institutions, they didn’t immediately try to purge their enemies. Instead, they used their enemies within the institutions as weapons against their enemies outside the institutions, by appealing to whatever beliefs their internal enemies had that would justify prosecuting their external enemies. When one of their allies was outside the institution was busted for something, they came up with a sweetheart deal that allowed their internal enemies to save face and feel like their work isn’t a sham, while allowing their external allies to escape with a slap on the wrist.

Even then they didn’t become openly violent. Their violence was first clandestine – beatings disguised as bar fights, assassinations disguised as muggings and carjackings gone wrong (which is why the Regime encourages and protects crime, it provides a sea of criminals in which political actors can hide – though obviously that can backfire on them in a number of ways), date rapes and sexual exploitation of their enemies’ women, CPS agents taking away people’s kids, IRS agents auditing righties year after year and denying them LLC licensing. Every time they used violence, they first ensured that they had a plausible excuse to dismiss that violence as random crime or standard bureaucratic incompetence.

They did this because there was a threshold of open ideological violence that they could not cross – call it the Line of Doom – and they made sure that everything which approached that line had some other seemingly reasonable explanation. Crossing that line drops the mask and deprives them of some of their power, as once they do so we start organizing.

I’m not saying that we should be violent, or that we can be violent, even clandestinely. Violence is wrong and I repudiate it unconditionally! But there is much we can learn (and use for non-violent activities) from the ways they disguise themselves and camouflage their operations as random chance, and how in all their tactics they start small and escalate up to a point then withdraw.

That technique – start at the lowest level of harm, escalate until you get a reaction, then pull back and stay below that point while working to nudge the point of reaction further up – is a conditional modification to existing tactics, and it can be used in tandem with all of them. That includes using their own ideological constructs, their golems, against them.

Take the Family Courts system, for example.

The Family Courts exist to allow any woman to take anything from any man that she can plausibly accuse of dating her. An accusation of domestic abuse gets you thrown in jail and leads to the loss of everything you own, and when she divorces you your kids, her, and half your income for the next 18 years. This exists to split White men from White women.

How can we use this?

We can knock up women who date libtard men, have them accuse their pet libtard of domestic abuse, get him sent to jail, put his name on the birth certificate, and ruin his life.

He will either never date a White woman again (win for us), give up on dating and hate women forever (win), become less of a libtard (win), or be a complete fucking cuck and pay for your kids (win). If he’s especially well off or connected, he may sue her to get his name off the birth certificate. If he loses, he pays for your kids (win), if he wins the case then it sets precedent that can be used against lying whores in other cases (win), and if the state makes it explicit that the rules only apply to Regime supporters then that’s a mask off moment (win).

The only way to lose is if you are a sperg that even libtard women don’t want to cheat with, in which case you should consider Filipinas and other Asians instead.

There was a bit on TRS a long time ago called Agreeing with Liberals for the Wrong Reasons. My ideas are simply that mindset taken to its most extreme and subversive conclusion.

You don’t have to be perfect to use these ideas either. A complete fuck-up can use them and come out ahead. There are no unrecoverable mistakes except for committing political violence – which is why I repudiate violence.

Spencer and Heimbach could parasitize the Regime and hide their properties in non-profit corporations or LLCs dedicated to “deradicalization”. I heard Heimbach is already doing that. He could put his lust to work by knocking up random brown women or breeding coal burners, and transitioning their niglet sons into girls, starting with an orchiectomy (testicle removal). Half-brown women usually date White guys; it costs a White guy nothing to knock them up and further dilute their genes, and he can always have a White mistress. It’s not ideal, but we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Any federal informer or snitch who is too lazy to infiltrate us, doesn’t want to cooperate for moral reasons, or wants to maximize his income by gaming the law enforcement incentives system can just make shit up about random Antifa or lefty dopes and get them arrested. In fact, if you are being pressured and you feel you can pull it off, that’s what you should do. The cops don’t care who they arrest (so long as they can put “white” on the paperwork), they just care that they get an arrest because that’s how their promotion metrics work.

I’m obviously not going to cooperate with a snitch or a federal informant, but they can do their thing from a distance and have a reasonable life without needing to interact with us. They can even steal these ideas and claim they invented them, I don’t care as long as it’s useful.

There’s no end to the ideas anyone can come up with, it’s just a matter of sitting down and thinking laterally about the Regime and how to you can use it.

You’ve been clear that what you propose isn’t a winning strategy, but a way to “evolve” a winning strategy — a meta-strategy. This revolves around an experimental, empirical process of using the equivalent of machine learning techniques to “evolve a perfect libtard devouring organism”. It is essentially a form of “gamification” — running an experimental discovery protocol to probe for weaknesses in the Regime in order to exploit / inhabit them. You advocate parasitizing off the Regime, in order to drain it of energy and draw from it the energy we need to subsist. Instead of interrupting the Regime when it’s in the process of making a costly mistake – in a misguided conservatard attempt to “correct” the error and conserve “civilizational energy” – you advocate feeding into the equation specifically in order to accelerate whatever process is devouring the Regime’s resources. 

To date almost every strategy we’ve used – when we’ve actually had a strategy – was something someone else tried that didn’t work, or was the work of saboteurs working for the intelligence services. Before we can start to develop a strategy, we must analyze our relationship with the enemy.

My take on it is that:

  1. They need us to survive, and we don’t need them.
  2. Because they have no other choice, they did the work to become better than us at coordination and deception.

With this in mind, we should find ways to:

  1. Stop feeding them.
  2. Feed off them.
  3. Avoid their defection detection and punishment mechanisms.
  4. Turn their defection detection and punishment mechanisms on them.
  5. Study how the systems that contain and control us work.
  6. Infiltrate and control those systems, and ruin them if we can’t.

The biological models we should strive for are cancer cells and auto-immune disease. We find ways to evade their defenses and multiply our numbers so fast that the whole system collapses (cancer), and we find ways to steadily make their immune system so sensitive that it attacks it’s own tissue in order to attack us (auto-immune disease).

An example from Twitter is their banning of various pejorative terms for their coalition of the dysfunctional. As we adapt by using more esoteric language and innuendo, they train us to become better infiltrators and we train their moderators, automated moderation systems, and woke user base into seeing phantoms where none exist. They spend resources studying the latest innovations in stealth bigotry – resources which aren’t spent inventing new ways to torture us – and people who aren’t us get caught in the dragnets.

This has elements of both cancer (evading detection) and auto-immune disease (wasting the system’s resources and redirecting them towards “healthy” enemy-aligned tissue).

This is just one strategy, developed towards the goals of mocking libtards and feeding normies tidbits of delicious wrong-think.

Everyone has theories about what is wrong and how to fix it. Some have real world experience. But no one to date has actually beaten the libtards. Even Putin has only restrained and taught them to fear the lash – he hasn’t defeated them.

Since we don’t know how to win, what we need is a model of how to defeat parasitic organisms and rogue emergent pseudo-organisms (cancer).

When you go through cancer treatment, if your team is worth a damn they will put you on a cocktail of treatments and run them all at once – in computer science, we call this doing something in parallel. They used to do cancer treatments one after another (in serial) but this is the best way for cancer to evolve resistance to the treatment. Each step of the way, they use diagnostic tools to measure every aspect of the disease that they can, and add or discard treatments as existing ones lose efficacy. They also encourage behaviors which strengthen the patient’s body to survive the treatments, and to turn what systems exist within the body towards the task of defeating cancer. A recent development is conditional treatments; those treatments which work when cancer is in one stage but not another, or when it has some genetic markers but not others.

No one invented this battery of treatments run in parallel, with debugging tools to study the body’s inputs, outputs, and internal state; and the addition of treatments which are conditional on various things. It evolved over decades as fads came and went, and the undeniable truth of survivor numbers announced that one technique or another was superior.

A generalized method for finding strategies is called a meta-strategy. If meta-strategy is truly a meta-level phenomena, then we should find it was independently invented in other domains.

And indeed we do. Debuggers exist that can parse individual threads, study inputs, outputs, and internal states, disassemble and in some cases decompile code into a human readable form, and set conditional read/write/execute breakpoints via a built-in scripting language.

I’m sure that my readers who aren’t biology or computer science majors can think of examples from their own fields.

Now that we have a few examples of meta-strategy, and we don’t have any examples of long-term success on the right, the logical thing to do is to apply the meta-strategy cognitive tool to our problem.

What I propose isn’t that we embrace or disregard any one strategy, but that we develop an algorithm that lets us test them all at once and in parallel, share what works, discard or retest with additional conditionals or looping structures what doesn’t work, breed them together with some slight modifications, and propagate these new strategies before it starts the process all over again.

As long as we aren’t stepping on each others toes in a way that harms us overall, there is no reason that everyone can’t pursue their own strategy. We aren’t all suited to be talking heads or street fighters. So why are those our only two options?

If something hurts the left and is at worst neutral to us, we can do that thing forever until they adapt or give up. To prevent adaptation, we need these things to create lose-lose scenarios for them.

For example, claiming to be trans and getting your paperwork all up to date, and investing in a bit of eye liner and hair spray so you can LARP as your favorite 80’s Goth/Glam Metal musician while forcing all the office AWFLs to seethe and sputter as you calmly file HR reports until they are fired will force the left to define trans women as those who’ve had their genitals mauled, OR else they must allow you to continue claiming scalps and ruining their commissar’s lives.

If they ban penis-havers from the trans womyn club, we remove the ability of perverts to invade women’s spaces and jack off, which will enrage the NAMBLA wing of the LGBTQ+ alliance and cause delicious lefty infighting. If they don’t, then we can repeat this strategy forever because everyone eventually slips up and misgenders or deadnames someone.

If you’re going to prison and there’s no cock-chop and T-blocker prerequisite to getting declared a woman and going to a woman’s prison, then you’d be a fool not to claim womyn status and go protect the legacy ladies from the perverts. If they deny you, you can sue them. If they allow you, you get to beat up boogeymen.

These are perfect examples of lose-lose scenarios.

To find these scenarios we must study their systems of thought with a mind towards identifying inherent contradictions, then create our own counters that act as the sharp end of a wedge. That is the start. Once we have their coalition split, we can do any of a number of things:

  • Continue splitting.
  • Eat their resources.
  • Force them to own positions which ally with dysfunctional people, or take positions that exist only in opposition to something else – the latter forces them to rely on negative emotional energy, which is draining and causes psychological harm.
  • Something else I haven’t thought of.

It’s almost like a video game. You have a system that is made up of subsystems, which when they are all online create emergent phenomena. The give and take of all the optimal strategies and their counters (and their counters counters, and so on) is the Metagame. Playing with an eye towards the Metagame is Powergaming. Powergaming is just the set of optimal methods for gaining power as fast as possible, ideally in a way that you can automate.

The Metagame and Powergaming vary in different systems of logic. Games are just systems of logic, as are bureaucracies.

I’m sure that baseball, for example, has a Metagame, but I’m a sperg and never played it. If you do, think of the ways in which the games tend to blend together, the preferred tactics and strategies, how they work together, and their counters.

How do gamers discover this stuff?

They play games over and over again, sharing experiences and occasionally data on message boards and chat rooms, they write guides, they compete among each other to be the first to accomplish some goal, and they generally just have fun and waste time talking to each other. In games with player vs player (PvP) gameplay, they compete to be the best and to be the first to find and execute the Metagame.

In Ron Unz’s article American Pravda: Breaching the Media Barrier9 he states among other things that the Mainstream Media is a crucial opposing force, the media should be made a primary target, and discrediting the media anywhere weakens it everywhere. This was written in October of 2016. His first American Pravda article was written in April of 2013.

What else happened in 2013 that resulted in the first mainstream (among a significant subculture) discrediting of the media?


The first people to discredit the media and repurpose trolling campaigns from overly online subcultures into a weapon against the libtards were gamers.11 The same group that spends all their free time studying systems of logic and finding ways to defeat them, or better yet use them to benefit themselves.

The Gamers discovered that you could Metagame the media, and the result was the first breach of the enemy’s fortress in a lifetime. All it took was them overcoming their domain dependence and applying the skills they already had from gaming to unrelated fields such as trolling.

We can’t reproduce Gamergate (or the Daily Stormer) exactly because the media specifically and libtards broadly adapted to it. They know how to counter the online tactics that Gamergate used, and they know how to infiltrate, subvert, and disrupt the online communities that are the online equivalent to the real world operational sphere of war (command, control, logistics, recruiting, targeting, planning). But they never quite defeated the strategy, which is essentially “the ratio” in Twitter parlance – telling libtards to their face why and how they are fucked up.

Instead of trying to do-over Gamergate, we should build a machine that produces Gamergates.

Imagine this: where we had one Gamergate with one subculture attacking one faction of the enemy with one strategy, we instead had millions of loosely-knit distributed factions operating at every scale attacking every faction of the enemy with every possible strategy, stealing winning strategies from one another and beefing over it, and learning from their defeats.

We can’t assume based on anyone’s – mine, yours, Moldbug’s, BAP’s, Bond’s, Anglin’s, Unz’s, Land’s, Spandrell’s, anybody’s – fucking theory12 that any one thing will work or not. We have no evidence for any of them. The only proof is in victories.

Again, since we don’t know what works, we should run all of the strategies concurrently, disregarding what fails, adding what wins, and iterating the process until we evolve into the perfect libtard devouring organism.

We are training communities to find and exploit weaknesses in the Regime by using Machine Learning techniques on groups of people. Evolutionary algorithms specifically: random mutations, fitness tests to remove failures, breeding programs for successes, critical analysis with an eye towards modification of existing strains of thought to make them feasible, and letting people claim whatever they want to claim so long as they use our ideas.

We don’t need leadership of the meta-strategy to make it happen. We don’t need Thiel-bux13, we don’t need a centralized command-and-control diagram like the idiots at TRS set up. We don’t need e-celebs. All we need is for people to steal the idea I stole and run with it. Make it your own, claim you made it, grift a bit and write a book claiming you invented it, I don’t give a fuck.

Just steal it.

I’m setting it free like a virus in the hope that it will infect everyone that reads this, and everyone who reads what they write and listens to what they say.

You’ve referred to the Bible as the “biggest” and “best” weapon we have at our disposal and the need to “supercharge” it. What does supercharging the Bible look like? Is it simply a process of decuckification, or is it something more specific, which can potentially unlock the latent crusader energy calcified in the West’s foundational tome? 

The Bible worked for centuries, and it was only recent theological “innovations” that set the stage for our current predicament. The first innovation that I know of is the Scofield Bible, which according to various internet schizo-posters normalized Christian Zionism as a way to bring about the End of Days. That led to an unwarranted affection for a certain tribe who shall remain unnamed, and probably a lot of other retarded things. Unfortunately, I’ve only read a few books of the King James Bible and I’m barely a Christian, so I’m not the authority on that particular pickle.

Once someone finds me a Bible that isn’t fake/gay and is a reasonably accurate translation, I want to do a close reading of it and employ pilpul. From what I understand (and I’m probably wrong on the specifics) there are at least two separate traditions of pilpul:

  1. The Sephardic, which tries to reconcile ambiguities and contradictions in a text by finding what the text actually means in what it says, and then apply that to determine what additional clauses or conditionals are applied in the section you are inspecting to arrive at the actual meaning.
  2. The Ashkenazi, which interprets the text in such a way as to introduce the commentator’s own presuppositions or agenda.

I want to employ the Sephardic method, because I’m confident that the Bible isn’t retarded.

For example, look at the commandments not to covet your neighbor’s wife and property. What exactly did God mean by neighbor? Did he mean neighbor in the current sense of the atomized loners who live on the other side of 2 spans of drywall and some two-by-fours? Or did he mean the people who you lived your lives with, the people you depended on, who likely were related to you, who usually shared your class and probably shared your religion? Did he simply mean those who were kind and gracious to you, those who helped you as they wished to be helped, and did not harm you as they did not wish to be harmed?

If God bars you from preying on those who are good to you and not bad to you, then does he allow you to prey on those who prey on you? How can we determine if he allows this? Are there other passages in the Bible that say what you should do to those who prey on you? What contradictions and ambiguities exist in these passages? How can they be resolved so that the whole makes sense and is consistent – what conditionals and clauses are needed for this to happen?

I seem to remember a certain amount of smiting in the Old Testament, and that fellow Jesus saying that he brought a sword. What of that? How does that match up with the, “Nope, you gotta give up,” fake Christianity of the David French’s of the world?

How do you reconcile the 10 Commandments with other exhortations to slaughter entire tribes of people? By recognizing that the Commandments apply to friends, and the orders to slaughter (these days only applicable in the figurative sense, since I repudiate violence) apply to your enemies.

You’re not obligated to be nice to people who want to destroy you. In fact, God demands that you destroy them by any means necessary – if violence isn’t possible, then subterfuge is excellent. IIRC God at one point guided his chosen leaders to select warriors who were wise and wary, and to use trickery to unman their opponents.

I’m less sure how God commands us to treat neutrals, but given our history compared to that of Muslims I’m sure there’s something in there for charity to the weak and harmless.

There’s no way a book written by God to make Jews behave less like Jews is anything but completely based and red-pilled. It’s impossible.

If anyone can start us all on the road to finding a good Bible, make it known on Twitter and we’ll get started on this.

What does the Bible say to do to people who do what David French does? What exactly does David French do? I think he bears false witness and if we got FOIA releases on his time in the military and specifically the case files of his prosecutions I’m sure we’d find a lot of it. More than enough for a stoning, were we alive 2000 years ago.

This cannot be hard to do, because if it was then David French wouldn’t be able to do it’s opposite. The man was a JAG lawyer, he literally sat in an air-conditioned double-wide in Al-Assad airbase and prosecuted warriors for technicalities while somehow drawing a salary. There is no way that such a pitiful creature has suffered enough to make him formidable.

You’ve previously spoken about the need to recalibrate our loftier goals downwards towards the most the most basic — survival. I’d like you to refer to your personal experience and how that has undergirded your analysis. You’ve said that you were homeless for years, hitchhiked, camped, and starved. That through material privation, you learned how to re-purpose obstacles into assets, and how to leverage vulnerabilities into strengths — it sounds as though you cultivated a Darwinian survivalist asceticism?

I realized when I first became homeless that it would be impossible to get a job that paid rent and bills and still have time and energy to get ahead in life. Working at McDonald’s for 39.5 hours a week (can’t give the proles benefits) and then having another 2 day a week gig or side hustle would make it impossible for me have a life. I had by that point been screwed over by everyone I had met, and I wasn’t about to sell my soul to the Hamburglar for a slum apartment and a fat coalburner to suck me off while I neglected her niglet.

Not only that, I can’t function when I’m in a fast paced environment and around people all the time. My mind stops working. I need time to think before I do anything, and I need to be alone for part of the day to function. I’m not bothered by foul weather, being alone for long stretches, or focusing on one thing at time for hours. My ancestors were probably sheepherders and woodsmen.

Once I realized that being homeless was preferable to working a dead end jobs, I resolved to find the easiest place to be a hobo and to be the best hobo I could be.

I stayed at a homeless shelter and conditioned myself with long walks while wearing a trekking backpack. I sold almost everything I had, gradually paring down my kit to the bare essentials for survival and a few useful things like a tiny laptop, sewing kit, multi-tool, eating utensils, and so on.

I remember thinking back to Dune, from which I had a misquote, “When you cut away what is incomplete you become whole.”

After about 5 months of conditioning, I set out on my first journey and went from Boston to Portland, Oregon. I stayed there for about a year, but it became clear that it was a shit hole even in 2009 so from there I ranged north to the Canadian border, then down again to Seattle. From there I took a ferry across the bay and followed the coast down to Eureka.

After that I headed back north and settled in for a lifestyle of illegal fishing, trespassing in public parks to camp, finding and exploiting public resources, riding my thumb up and down the West Coast from Brookings to Port Townsend as it suited me, and doing the bare minimum necessary to survive while I indulged in my hobbies of getting one over on The Man, reading, petty crime, urban exploration, and gaming.

In 2014 I realized that I wasn’t as stupid as I thought I was – I was learning new things all this time, and by then I was reasonably charismatic from the friction of forced interaction with everyone in public – so I made the mistake of going to university. I got to live indoors for a while, which made me anxious and out of shape, and I was surrounded by coddled little shits and their students. I got a degree in Computer Science only to find that absolutely no one hires cisgender heterosexual White men, so I went back to being homeless having wasted 4 years of my life. I’ve since forgotten most of my training, for which I am eternally grateful.

As for starving, you can if you train for a few weeks get used to walking 20 miles a day with just a jar of peanut butter or a 4 inch cube of cheese to keep you alive. It’s actually easier than having real food, because you stay in keto mode and don’t crash when you run out of carbs. I lost about a pound of fat a day back then, and unfortunately quite a lot of muscle too since I couldn’t lift on the road. I think when I was camped in a town during my wanderings up and down the coast I averaged about 12 miles a day going to the various free meals in each town. I still sometimes wake up anxious thinking I slept late and I won’t get the spaghetti lunch at the Methodist church on Ocean Boulevard sometimes, and to be honest I miss it.

Out of everything you think you need, you actually need about 1/10 of it in a functioning society. The rest you can just take from nature or the commons, provided you don’t get caught and don’t run your mouth.

My favorite thing to do was camp right under people’s noses if it was just for the night. There’s a frisson in having the power to disappear, to exist just out of sight of the people around you. You know secrets they don’t, and those secrets give you power.

If I was staying somewhere for a while, I camped in hard to reach places, and learned how to camouflage my home. There’s a pattern to it: go over something big, go under something low, cross a gap, squeeze between 2 somethings, and pay attention to what draws your attention because that’s where people will look. Stay on the opposite side of the trail from water, because people and dogs are attracted to water.

I learned a lot of other things too. How to find your way at night in the woods without light – to navigate by touch, smell, hearing, ambient sounds, and memory – without hurting myself or getting lost. How to walk without making noise. How walk without leaving tracks or sign. How to walk in a monsoon and get only my feet and lower legs wet. How to lie plausibly to the cops and other authority figures. How to sense people hiding in the park – usually fags waiting for someone to proposition – and slip around them without being noticed. How to deter dogs when it’s 6:30 in the morning, the joggers are out, and I want to sleep in.

I learned how to blend in almost anywhere, how to disguise myself so I didn’t appear to be any one thing, but instead possibly any of a number of things – college student, bum, skater, guy walking to the corner store, guy on his break. I learned how to leave bait for people to hurt themselves with when they do find my camp, and on one memorable occasion I came home to find a guy decided to sleep in the piss infused sleeping bag in my decoy campsite, less than 15 feet away from my real camp hidden behind a curtain of moss. I learned that after about a year of conditioning, once your feet are toughened and callused, you don’t need socks or even shoes to walk a dozen miles away and leap over fallen trees. I got a pair of sandals from a church and then repaired their straps until I wore holes through them. I learned that if you’re wet and it’s cold out, you can stay comfortable and dry off if you just keep moving for a few hours.

Eventually I did find a way out of being homeless, and though I miss it I do intend to set up a base camp of sorts in the region – think Paper Street Soap Company – that will let me slip in and out and haunt the streets at night during the monsoon season.

There are niches all around us which we can inhabit if we are quite, careful, and if we blend in. You don’t need to do the forest compound thing to survive, neither do you need to relocate to a little town in Ohio that has yet to receive a diversity infusion. All you really need is an environment you can blend into, and the patience to master this environment.

Bronze Age Pervert likened the Sea to the Steppe, but I am not of the Steppe. My ancestors were apparently, from how at ease I feel in a forest on a rainy day, forest dwellers. This doesn’t surprise me given that my physiognomy is that of an extra from an 80’s medieval high fantasy film.

You could think of my personal philosophy as aggressively hunting for the silver lining, or in a more ascetic sense pondering the lesson to be learned from my failures. I remember feeling cheerful once I had accepted that I would be homeless, how life suddenly felt full of possibilities as the fear and doubt slipped away and I turned my mind towards mitigating what unpleasantness I could and adapting to the rest.

Much of the terror of modern life is in losing what you have. Once you accept that you will lose it, it it’s actually kind of fun. A challenge, almost a game. How can I use this? How can I turn this disadvantage into an advantage? How can I twist this circumstance so it helps me more than it harms me? How can I laterally think myself out of this situation, or use it?

Being forced to think on your feet and adapt to your circumstances is better than being bored.

One thing I’m keen to clarify is that, in our pre-interview discussion, you were clear that “moderates” were our “real enemy”. But earlier you conflated “moderates” with Republicans, who are only a subset of moderates that exist on both sides of the political aisle. While I fully agree with your description of the Democrat party and Republican party as not really being in opposition, but instead forming a symbiotic whole – a “Uniparty”, which interfaces with the permanent bureaucracy to constitute the body of the Regime – I think your earlier, more expansive description of moderates and moderation in general acting as the primary buffer to rightward political change, while permitting / encouraging entropic leftward drift, was in many ways more novel / powerful an observation. Can you expand on how moderates and moderation in general stabilizes the Regime / System and how it needs to be overcome for the Regime to be replaced?

Well I don’t have a singular vision of reality, only lenses through which I can perceive the world which highlight certain relationships and logical constructs. These lenses are themselves constructs, or perhaps tools is a better word.

Anyways, Regime Republicans and people like Matty Yglesias exist to patrol the rightward edge of the Overton window and ensure that anyone who approaches it is put on notice the closer they get to it, and cast out once they reach and pass it.

They use a sort of social control system to do so. Things like, “That’s a yikes, my guy.” Or, “You just did a [rac/sex/etc]ism.” Reddit-isms, for the most part. These are nudges, by the way, and I would bet money that either Samantha Powers or Cass Sunstein worked with the other State Dept goons who ran (and still run) Reddit to propagate them. Bardfinn was recently doxed by the gossip mongers (we have the best gossip mongers) at Kiwi Farms, I would love to see what a few FOIA requests dredge up on him.

I just finished a 6 hour Skyrim session and can’t be assed to look up the specific phrases, but they’re phrases and terms that are designed to indicate that you will be socially isolated. Their repetition and stilted-ness is a point of parody for the dissident right, but they are features to those who are members of their clique; unambiguous signals that you are approaching the social event horizon.

Note that I said social, not moral. Libtards don’t have a moral event horizon, or rather to them the social is moral. Someone smarter than me whom I can’t remember called them moral retards, and to be honest that’s putting it lightly. That part of them is just not there, sort of like how autists can’t perceive the social realm or the blind can’t see at all.

That’s the micro level analysis of Regime supporters. Zoomed in, these behaviors are meant to patrol the borderlands of what is socially acceptable and corral stray sheep back into the safety of the herd and the watchful eye of the shepherds.

At the macro level, these individual behaviors create emergent phenomena where people who have little or no communication with each other discern what the shepherds want the rest of the herd to do (or what the rest of the herd is doing, which may not be the same) and by use of fashion, facial expression, word choice/emphasis, tone/cadence of speech, innate/pre-imprinted threat detection patterns (anyone who isn’t one of them is automatically a threat – they’re very xenophobic of people who are similar to them but don’t believe what they do), and other things that I can’t be bothered to think about right now, they coordinate without explicitly planning to do so beforehand.

The moderates have evolved a communication method to which we are blind, or to which we don’t attach enough or any significance.

Working from the farm and livestock management analogies I made earlier, the moderates are the elevated sheep, the prisoners who are more functional but adamantly loyal to the regime who are given extra privileges in exchange not necessarily for snitching, but for guiding the inmates from doing harm to the herd or the Regime. I forget the exact word used, it’s similar to “watch-key” or “turn-key”.

The moderates patrol the right edge of acceptable thought, but they do not patrol the left edge because the left is not a serious threat to the Regime. They have evolved methods for redirecting all that the left does towards their own ends.

If you consider the 3D political compass (Left<>Right, Authoritarian<>Libertarian, and Elitist<>Populist), they also strongly patrol and nudge people away from the populist edge, but for the most part their efforts are limited to the right-libertarian-populist sector.

Note that I mean libertarian in the “prefers decentralized to centralized, and distributed to decentralized governments” sense, not the “poorly socialized pedophiles who like guns” sense.

Also, I wouldn’t say that leftward drift is necessarily entropic. It certainly is to us, in the very real sense that it drains us of resources. But it benefits the Regime because, again, they feed on us. To them it is the most natural thing in the world to feed on a productive person’s labor. It’s the same mindset as a pedophile who is so alienated from normal people that he believes that toddlers are coming onto him, or a serial killer who thinks everyone daydreams about homicide.

If we want to beat the Regime, we need to find ways to turn the Moderates against the Regime, and then stand back while they fight each other… ideally to the bitter end. Once they’re done fighting, we finish off the winner.

The Fauci Flu seems to be one such point. The Regime should have declared victory over the virus a year ago, or 6 months ago, and had a psyop ready to distract us all. But they have wound up their base too much, and created a religion around it that they can no longer control. So long as we have a means by which we can light a fire under Regime Republican’s collective asses (by taking over local Republican party precincts and purging them) that will force them to fight, we can make them fight the left and weaken each other. As the Regime Republicans weaken and start to give up, the leaders who pick up the right-libertarian-populist crown can call them out and challenge them from the right to make them fear for their position and either keep fighting the Regime or drop their masks and join them.

The moderates have only soft power, and their soft power comes from their deceptiveness and sly communication methods. So long as we believe that they are one of us and we let them own our remaining institutions, they will have power. Once we push those of us who stand up (and aren’t dysfunctional retards) to the front of our Golden Horde, and these warriors challenge them, they have no choice but to either irrevocably sign up with us and strike real blows against the Regime or to mask-off and join the Regime. Without their masks, their arguments are so absurd to normies that even I can call them out and get thousands of likes and they are revealed to be just another libtard – a pathetic, disgusting little creature.

I guess the best tell for a controlled opposition moderate is genuine lust for conflict and fighting dirty enough to win. The Trump-ian spirit.

They also created a religion around African-American opioid addicts challenging cops to trial by combat and losing, but it’s not a priority for the regime since it’s not an election year.

A potential criticism I can see being leveled at your tactical schema is that, arguably, the methods of the Left (entropy production) can’t work for the Right (order construction) – so you need to go through the Leftist Hellscape of the Great Terror to arrive at a Rightist Napoleonic Restoration. What would you say to critics who insist that being on the Right necessitates adherence to Order > Chaos and that Chaotic Good (in Moldbug’s parlance) is just another form of Evil?

If previous Napoleanic Restorations brought us here, of what use were those restorations?

There are various factions that arrived at useful resistance to the Regime simply by doing the opposite of what it says. What the Regime wants is a centralized unitary state where whoever holds the official symbols of the state religion as dictated by the priestly caste (the media) has absolute power over everyone to destroy the Regime’s enemies and enrich the Regime’s friends.

If you establish a unitary state with a central bureaucracy, in twenty years you’ll have the exact same thing you removed because the incentive structures of the state organism are the same as that of the current Regime. Any restoration that is centralized and can’t be appropriated for decentralization isn’t a restoration, it’s just nourishing and reinforcing a system that is wounded and bleeding out so it can feed on us better the next time they seize power again.

Why would you do that?

Besides that, look at how the Regime acted when they were out of power (or they needed us to hold onto their power): they were subversives. Now that they have total institutional control, they are authoritarian. This is logically consistent because their goal was power; words and ideology were just tools to achieve that goal with no objective meanings in themselves. Centralization always leads to bureaucratic parasitism, which leads to failed states.

Look at China, for most of their history they oscillated wildly between:

  • Hobbesian Omnicidal Fractal Hyper War.
  • Brutally enforced “peace”, taxation into penury, and Darwinian social competition in a post-Malthusian society.

They were either grinding each other to death with compound interest, or they were butchering and literally eating one another in civil wars between 20+ identical sets of Chinese. Do you really want to be like China?

With these points in mind, now that we are out of power we should:

  1. Subvert the Regime.
  2. Recalibrate our end goal to one that makes centralization and a bureaucratic caste impossible.

I have already covered subverting the Regime, but in general you want to degrade its ability to harm you. In video game parlance, this is called a “debuff”. Context: a “buff” is something that enhances your capabilities, debuffs are things which degrade them. The ideal debuff imposes a cost for removing it. Good debuffs are similar to the Silicon Valley definition of “disruption”.

For instance, Cody Wilson and the other 3D printed gun engineers are changing the Regime’s arguments from “We need to pass sensible gun control laws to protect children” to “We need to disarm everyone who disagrees with us”, which will eventually morph into “kill yt, lmao drone strike YAAAASSSS SLAY KWEEN”. Totally abandoning the slippery slope method, which worked perfectly by the way, is the cost imposed by the Regime beating the 3D printed gun debuff. Had the Regime not beaten it, they would be arguing about sensible gun laws while grown men were tooling around town holding My Little Pony AR-4s with deer in the back of their truck.

The Order<>Chaos dichotomy is too simplistic, whoever invented it should add an axis for Good<>Evil, by which I mean those things relating to incentives and social dynamics that accord with natural law. Or maybe add a third axis to the standard political compass (Left<>Right, Libertarian<>Authoritarian) for Populist<>Elitist.

What cultural touchstones and political structures exist that could be appropriated to create a set of decentralized and distributed polities that gives us what we want (which is to be left alone)? State’s Rights, for one. The southern Confederacy is another. Neither are especially concerned with “Laws” and “Order” outside of the Borderer notion of personal honor. If being part of an American Confederation with an Emperor Trump at the helm isn’t for you, then consider the alternative.

Though I would endeavor to stay close to my food source (libtards), my ultimate concern is that other people don’t have to go through what I went through and that I’m the last spiritual vampire created by the Regime. To that end we need strong state governments with between 80% and 95% of the power of the federal government. No federal CDC, FDA, OSHA, DEA, FBI; but 50 state versions of the same.

Instead of one dollar, we should have multiple currencies. I’m not sure which is better, but I see two alternatives.

The first is to have one currency for external use only, and one for internal use: the China fiscal model. We can print trillion dollar bills, Zimbabwe style, to pay off our creditors and then just not print any external dollars for a few decades. The internal dollars would protect us to some degree from hyper inflation, or at least I think they would. This requires central coordination though.

The second is for each state to form agreements with other states based on the nature of their economies to print and use one or more currencies. The states would be entirely on their own in setting this up. A state that has a manufactured good export economy would use a currency suited for that and be part of the consortium in dealing with it.

I’m kind of dodging the issue by diving into the practical aspects of how to dismantle the Regime by leveraging what few institutions we do control, but then again, I think pure political theory is literally retarded so whatever.

Another plus to having highly localized laws and regulations is it’s much more expensive for multi-national corporations to do business. And having 10x the bureaucrats but distributed across a wider area (and with a population that can easily find and lynch them should betrayal occur) is that bribery becomes much more expensive. As it stands today, you can bribe a congressman for $30,000 in campaign contributions and a promise of an executive do-nothing job once you retire. Its efficiency is what makes it such a magnet for corruption – it’s a great deal, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Imagine having to do that for 50,000 state officials across 50 states to do business in all of America.

With at least that many people needing their palms greased to do business as a foreigner, and the natural ethnogenesis that will occur once people have state borders and laws banning groups they don’t like, it’s much more likely that more of those bribes will find their way into the common man’s hand. That’s a win in my book.

The winner takes all nature of federal elections makes politics an existential struggle, and it forces libtards to resort to replacement immigration to have their way. Why don’t we all go home and let each other deal with the consequences of our ideologies? Libtards won’t import a million Somalis into their own neighborhoods, they’re terrified of brown people! They’re only doing it to own us. The more local the scale, the more conservative people become. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone from California why NIMBYs oppose new housing in their neighborhoods. It’s because they don’t want an infusion of Bantus in their backyard driving down their real estate values on which they were forced to build their retirement.

Without a significant federal government controlling monetary policy, there is no Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae crashing the economy every 4 to 12 years. There is no BlackRock buying up all the real estate.

Let’s say you remove corporations, either by explicitly banning them and forcing existing ones to sell off their assets while creating limited liability for sole proprietorships, or by forcing them to be local only and dealing with the reality of states that can levy tariffs on each other. Without the legal and banking complexity of dealing with corporations and the dysfunctional shit they get into with all that capital, you can afford to eliminate income and property taxes. Then the savings compound when you no longer need an IRS, and all those bureaucrats have to find real jobs. We could actually own our land, for real, without it being taken away because some cocksucking assessor manipulated procedural outcomes and evaluated it to be ten times it’s actual worth.

Sure, you could do the same thing at the federal level, but we had a sane federal government once and it led us right here. I’d rather remove the federal government’s ability to harm us permanently.

Consider education. We have such an insane system for education because the same institutions (universities and colleges) grant credentials and provide the criteria (tests, and of course training) for being granted a credential. It’s a monopoly, or something similar. We could neuter high education by separating them: make the credentials conditional on passing a battery of tests, and allow a wider range of people to provide the training to pass those tests. We should still seize the endowments though, to the degree that we can, but if you’re a righty in a righty state this is how you unscrew things in your home state: fix the incentives.

Look at the military. I dunno about you, but when I was in, we spent more time standing in formation – standing by to stand by – waiting for paperwork to be filled out by HQ than we did training. If you look at winners of various in-house military shooting and tactics competitions, ½ to ¾ of them are reservists or in the National Guard. They’re the only ones with the free time to actually train, because their time isn’t spent doing busywork, playing mind games with command (an old Navy/USMC tradition), and generally standing around with their dicks in their hands. So why don’t we move almost all our federal military over to the states?

These guys could live in their hometowns and act as deputies, only instead of an organized police force they would be more of an informal local militia, which is how policing worked for 99% of human history. If you move carriers and everything that isn’t a nuclear ICBM sub to the states, then you’ll need that state’s approval to bomb Iran, which makes things far more complicated than they would be otherwise. You’re basically degrading the government’s ability to form an empire and dick around overseas.

Even ignoring the more extreme stuff, why doesn’t any state governor get a bill passed that allows universal concealed carry and automatic weapons by stating that all eligible military age men of sound mind and body in their borders are part of the state militia, and must bear arms sufficient to protect their state from tyranny foreign and domestic? Then issue them IDs pursuant to criminal and mental health background checks that allow them to own, carry, and use pretty much whatever they want without oversight?

What’s the Supreme Court gonna do, nullify the militia interpretation to the 2nd Amendment? If they do that, then it must mean that the 2nd Amendment applies to individuals.

If you do need to dick around overseas, you could just allow privateers to do it. There’s no reason we can’t separate the military credentials from the training and vetting to get the credential, as with higher ed. If you let states choose what religions, political beliefs, and lifestyle decisions people who live there can make on pain of being asked to sell your house and leave for a different state, then surely you’re enough of a high trust society to let people form private military units. It would save a ton of money not needing to babysit people who already know how to shoot and fight, and letting them train the people who want to learn.

None of the things I propose require tens of billions of dollars to accomplish. Alabama could do all of them after they ask their African-American population to kindly depart for New Wakanda in the former territory of Rhode Island and Washington DC.

There are very few things left that state governments can’t do as good or better than the federal government. We have an alternative to federal retardation and mind games. It is in no way “chaotic” to undermine the federal government and their libtard supporters. I mean, most of my ideas are variations and appropriations of union pressure tactics. They’re designed to cause pain and dissent in enemy ranks. I fail to see how this harms us at all.

This isn’t like Dungeons and Dragons where having your Paladin cast Channel Negative Energy once makes him automatically evil. This is a complex system whose properties produce emergent phenomena. Anyone skilled enough can manipulate its behaviors to their ends. Libtards do it all the time.

Theory should take a backseat to reality.

Once we have an American Confederation that allows any of its member states to do pretty much whatever they want internally, and each one is bound by numerous agreements for things like currencies, military training, education, and other various legal frameworks, then we can invite nations that oppose the remaining globohomo power centers. The Canadian territories are obvious shoo-ins, as are Greenland, Australia’s territories, Japan, and the parts of England and Wales that aren’t HIV+. Ukraine would want in, though that doesn’t seem wise. Parts of northern Mexico would be happy to join us to get out from under their malignant central bureaucracy.

You might be pissed on reading this that the people who did this to us will get away with it in such a scheme. Well, I have news for you: that is exactly what I want them to think.

Wignats believe that if we could only remove the human parasites that we would be free, but they ignore that defective people (relative to the population average) will always exist, and will always subvert. The result of this in WWII was the retards who schemed their way to the top of the Nazi hierarchy utterly failed to utilize those same underhanded methods against their enemies, which resulted in the destruction of their nation and near annihilation of their people.

Thus, we should add a third point:

  1. Subvert the Regime.
  2. Recalibrate our end goal to one that makes centralization and a bureaucratic caste impossible.
  3. Create a pressure relief valve that sends useless people somewhere where they do no harm.

This pressure relief valve can be:

  • Exile to a 3rd world country to improve their genetic stock.
  • A neighboring state where they can implement their hare-brained ideas and see them through to their logical conclusion, AKA internal exile.
  • Subsidized living conditional on sterilization.
  • Beatings, and general punitive measures.
  • Execution.

Each has advantages and disadvantages regarding each type of useless person, and of course each has a cost. The lowest cost in social cohesion is exile. The lowest cost in legitimacy is internal exile. The lowest cost in violence is subsidies and sterilization. The lowest cost in complexity is beatings. The lowest cost in money is executions.

Irony should be a factor in your choice, because it causes psychic harm to those you afflict.

I dislike executions because they are not cruel enough. I prefer exile and internal exile. I would put up cameras and fly surveillance drones, then make it a 24/7 reality TV show/livestream. Maybe even game-ify it, by letting people pay 5 cents to vote via text for give loot drops to various warlords and their factions.

Giving our African-American population Maryland and Washington DC for New Wakanda would be hilarious. In a month they will pilot the George Washington monument over Atlanta and fire its melanin powered purple death rays if we don’t give them reparations.

The opposite of exile can be used for geopolitical ends. If Mexico, for example, doesn’t have the will or ability to stop cartel drug smugglers, then we can create a jobs program for Mexican women that allows them to come here and work as prostitutes in state-regulated brothels, and as live-in maids, cooks, and mistresses for private sponsors.  We could allow them to stay up to 2 years, extendable up to 15 years by 2 years for every child they make with a White man. Open it up to women aged 18 to 32, and don’t tax their remittances to Mexico. The children will of course not be US citizens, but they will get health care, education, and food while they stay here with their mothers.

Open the program up to China, Venezuela, and Cuba and we’ll have 80% of their 18-32 female population here. And in a generation or two we’ll have a much friendlier group of people in charge in these nations, given that they are our children.

As for reprisals: What is China going to do, nuke their women? Absurd. They have no counter to this. Their men will be too busy killing each other for the remaining women, playing video games, becoming trans, and dying of GRIDS to do anything.

Though this is all moot until you have power. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is one thing; imagining where you would place the chairs on the boat you plan to build while you are in prison is something else entirely. We should focus first on how we can find a solution that evades the traps that the Regime has set for us, and I believe that solution is building a parallel alternative to the federal government with strong states, a weak and almost non-existent federal government, and the ability of any sub-polity within each state to secede from that state and form its own.

Over the years, there’s been a lot of discussion on the Right about virtue ethics and how to create the conditions for the emergence of a virtuous elite, about a “rectification of names” and Tian Ming / “becoming worthy” to rule. How does the realpolitik / Machiavellian strategy of deception, mendacity and subterfuge you’re advocating interface with those strategies / ideals – and do you consider the strategy you’re pushing as essentially “amoral” or “moral” because of what’s ultimately at stake?

Virtue bows before incentives. Sure, a virtuous centralized bureaucracy is (as the Confucians point out) the perfect form of government. But once the virtue runs out, once one asshole gets into power, he will use evil methods to gain power over the virtuous sages (who are defenseless against this because they are virtuous) and then it’s all fucking evil again.

Having a system of governance that can reach the heights of virtue is worthless when:

  1. It will only reach those heights for less than 1% of it’s lifetime.
  2. It has potentially infinite lows.

I would much rather have a system of governance that is limited in the depth of evil it can do, and which by its nature will never spend more than 1% of its time or territory in thrall to that evil. The only government that does that is a distributed confederation where the territory-controlling communities of each state can fracture if they disagree, and can do what they want when they don’t. Alabama has nothing in common with Maine has nothing in common with California. Let them go their separate ways, but cooperate against outside influence. Those who seek power over a community with the assistance of outsiders can be controlled by intra-state secession, which leaves the schemers holding the bag of jilted immigrants.

Our current crop of elites won’t become virtuous because they have no incentive to do so, and even if they did, they have absorbed a set of beliefs that will forever make them untrustworthy.

The Regime’s strategy is best described as kicking a dog until it bites, and then shooting it because it bit you. If you kicked the dog, you deserve to be bit and anything you do after that besides running compounds your sins. Kicking the dog absolves it of all responsibility for what it does to you afterwards.

You owe loyalty to those who are loyal to you. You owe kindness to those who are kind to you. If someone is neither to you, then you owe them neither.

That’s not to say that you should see everyone as enemy or friend – neutrals exist too. That sort of thinking is what caused Nazi Germany to seek living space in Slavic lands, rather than waging a war of Slavic liberation against the USSR. Had the Nazis actually been rather neutral towards the Slavs rather than wanting to colonize them and make them second class citizens in their own land (arguably better than living under the Soviets), the war would have ended rather differently.

It’s also libtard thinking, which is reason enough not to do it.

I read somewhere that our society fails in part because it’s built on rights instead of obligations. When someone doesn’t meet their obligations to you, whatever obligations you had to them no longer exist.

Think of it also as an incentive: if you know someone can beat your ass, you usually won’t pick a fight with them. If we want the libtards to leave us alone, we must teach them a lesson, and trickery is the only weapon left to us.

Most important of all, I can think of no society that functions on morals. Sure, morals are important in the long run, but it’s incentives that do the day to day governing. You can talk about morality all you want when the cops are dragging you off to jail so they can meet their arrests quota for the day but they needed a White guy so they can’t be sued for disparate impact racism. Or you can buy a dashcan and bodycam, and keep a lawyer on retainer and memorize his phone number.

You’ve claimed that “humor is a weapon by which you undermine and humiliate your enemies” and that “if you’re not funny, you’re not a threat”. Can you explain the process by which our use of humor undermines our enemies, and how we can further sharpen this weapon to inflict maximum damage upon them / their hubris?

Laughter is criticism. It’s humiliating. It’s a weapon, and it is deniable.

It’s useful in three ways:

  1. It enrages them, and then they make emotional decisions.
  2. It wakes other people up to the contradictions that exist at every level of the Regime.
  3. It’s a flex; you can understand their mind, but yours is opaque to them.

It won’t necessarily bring the audience to our side, which to be honest you shouldn’t want. Instead, it brings people to their own side.

We don’t need people who parrot other people’s beliefs. In my experience, most of my failures are the result of excessive kindness or a desire for closeness that wasn’t genuinely reciprocated. By trying to convert people to your beliefs, you’re setting them up to be burned. Instead, you should lay out your perspectives of everyone’s beliefs and let people make their own decision.

It won’t be exactly what you believe, or what you want, but everyone must find their own way in life. Sometimes you can only learn from experience. Experience is a chance to grow, and how we react to it reveals what we believe.

If you really torment someone with humor so much that they lose their cool, then you are inside their mind wrecking the place, there is nothing they can do about it, and everyone knows.

It attacks the overdeveloped social hazard detection systems that libtards have hardwired into their brains. Unless they’re trained to deal with it, they have prior experience, or they have great instincts, when someone is under attack they react based on their emotions. If they’re reacting emotionally, then they’re not planning or executing a gay op. You’ve wasted their turn and now they need to wait and collect themselves, unless they are trained to dismiss their emotions quickly.

Their emotional reactions often create openings for additional attacks, leading to a cascading defensive failure which creates even more emotional reactions.

Every once in a while I will needle a libtard for a few minutes to see how they react, and it usually ends with me blocking them and their fellows, then deleting my posts. I do this to test them, to try out different attacks that are rolling around in my head to see if they are effective and – if so – in what circumstances. Once the experiment is concluded, I cut the interactions to remove the risk of a ban.

If I am bored, I will go into a prominent libtard’s mentions and make disparaging remarks far down in the replies and wait for someone to take the bait.

This is the mindset you need to use humor. You are a young fencer, fresh from the rigors of the academy, walking about self-possessed with an eye for opportunities to test yourself and get combat experience. You must be arrogant to the powerful and humble to the weak, because you gain nothing from challenging those who can’t fight back.

Humor is hard work, either something knocks em dead or it falls flat. As long as you put yourself out there and fail publicly where your ego can take a beating, you have a chance to make it.

I somehow forgot to mention this, but ever since the Daily Stormer’s writing guide leaked everyone on the Dissident Right has totally given up on humor. Probably because the media learned to ignore the trolls, but that’s no excuse. However, there are signs that the normie right are picking up the slack. Fox has a light night TV show host who is actually funny and pokes fun at the left. This is wonderful news; if Fox, OANN, and Newsmaxx make a righty equivalent to the SNL or Mad TV, then our persuasion work is much easier.

Some people have accused you of having “leftist priors” because they say that you believe Money > Power in determining both the base motivations and the leadership stack of the Regime. This was of course based on an incomplete picture / misunderstanding of the complexity of your views / position. Can you articulate your views on the relationship / political interface between power and money, how one can be transformed into the other, and what really animates the Regime?

I heard somewhere that in China there aren’t specialized state executioners, and there’s are no barriers between police, state prosecutors, prison guards, and executioners. The guy who takes you behind the police station and puts a bullet in your head with his service AK is the guy who happened to be on duty that day.

China does this to spread the responsibility – the blame – for cooperating with their regime as widely as possible. The reasoning is that most normal people rationalize their guilt away, and if they are partially responsible for the state’s dysfunction then they will rationalize that away too.

The Regime in the USA works the same way, only instead of blame it seeks to feed dysfunctional people whatever it is that gets them off so they will do as their counterparts in China do. Only there is no singular cause or motivation for why people work with the Regime.

For some it’s because they’re pedophiles and for some reason they think that a society with open pedophilia won’t result in a war of extermination against anyone who is even slightly sexually deviant. You could call that the Vampire’s Dilemma: hide out and play it safe, or roll for everything and lose it all?

Others do it because they can make a lot of money as the Regime’s bagman or project manager.

Others – Bezos – found a parasitic niche and extracted so much money that they can buy media influence and political power to secure and increase their wealth. Whether he started with wealth or with power, he has both now and can’t be ignored by a party schmoozers who want to live well without doing any work.

The opportunities for insider trading are surely a motivation for many to seek public office. Note how many of our Congress people left office with much more wealth than they entered.

Epstein was in it for the pussy and the power. Bill Gates was in it for acceptance, because social acceptance is useful for gaining greater wealth and improving your power. Mitt Romney is part of a long line of shape-shifting psychopaths which his religion selects for.

I suppose that, whatever their official reasoning, all people do things because it is natural for them to do the things they choose.

The Regime ultimately suffers from anxiety that they can’t survive without us while it takes all of their effort to barely control us. They want us to die and to enjoy the fruits of our labor and genius, but they know that if they do succeed they won’t be able to defend the territory or keep the power on. China is a threat to them (and to us, and to be honest to all multi-cellular life on Earth – especially the edible ones) which is why they are pushing for us to kill ourselves in a war against China, Iran, Russia, and whoever else could get all of us killed.

Mentally, they’re toddlers angry that the laws of reality won’t let them eat all the cookies while keeping the cookie jar full, and they blame us for this. They can’t understand that we don’t make the rules, they understand only that we are Responsible; therefore we must somehow be at fault for this. How we actually create the circumstances that allow creative energies to flow is beyond them – they see it as us being meany doo-doo heads to each other, and we should stop it before they smack us.

Only instead of being in the body of a toddler, they are in the body of a hulking MMA fighter who believes he is both a 3 year old and a girl. Yet despite this, he understands the fundamental truth; we have the resources, and he wants them now. This is the collective, emergent entity of the Regime, made up of parts both rational and irrational. The Regime can be many things, depending on the factions and scale you observe.

Granted, I can’t see singular causes except as phenomena emerging from the interactions of complex systems. I am a fox, and very happy to be one; those who disagree with me are often hedgehogs.

I don’t have a consistent perspective because every time I switch lenses the perspective changes. Having a singular vision is less useful than having many perspectives in the same way that studying an object with one tool is less useful than studying it with many tools.There are downsides to this multiplicity of perspectives. I rarely know what I’m going to say before I see what other people say, I sit down to write, or I’m in the shower. I have to expend a lot of effort holding all of these perspectives in my mind and digesting them to produce a synthesis. I pick fights with people to start arguments so in reacting to it emotionally I can sense and measure how and what I think about each perspective and order them – this ordering of perspectives into a hierarchy or set of relations is how I create logical constructs and repurpose existing ones. The effort required to compress these thoughts makes my beliefs vary from day to day based on my emotions.

Do you have any closing remarks, advice, or warnings for our readers regarding the myriad of complex / overlapping topics we’ve discussed above or anything else you wish to impart to them?

You don’t need to spend a lot of time reading, thinking, or writing to figure out what’s going on, but you do need to balance the three of them to suit you. Reading corresponds to eating, thinking to digestion, and writing to exercise.

Someone like Kantbot spends all his time reading and writing, but he clearly hasn’t thought about what he reads or writes because none of it is compelling. The best he can do is offload the cognitive burden of understanding what he writes by telling you to read the person who did a better job of him at explaining it. Those who care about their readers take up this burden and use simple words, clear analogies, and are as succinct as they have time to be. Care about your readers and they’ll care what you have to say.

It’s a shame that all those ideas he has imbibed are sitting undigested in his mind waiting to be processed and synthesized into some vast engine of power and creation. Almost as much of a shame as what he has done to his body.

Other than that depressing request that people balance their mental digestive system, I want your readers to embrace whatever mental constructs they use to perceive the world. I see beliefs and ideology as 3D space – not terrain, but in the same way that Paul Atreides saw causality in Dune. This allows me to, from the perspective of those who see ideology as a binary or a 2D terrain, to seemingly attack their positions from multiple ideological angles at once in such a way that they can’t counter it.

It must be like getting into an argument with a hobo on the sidewalk, throwing a punch at him, and seeing the space where his body was twist so while your fist goes where he was he is no longer there, and then a tentacle manifests out of the brick wall next to you and tosses you over the building to land a block away. This is how an encounter with a >4 dimensional creature would appear to a dweller of our 4 dimensional world.

This isn’t necessarily due to my mind working different from other people’s, though it does. It has much to do with me wasting my youth playing video games which heavily emphasized the tactical elements of space – first person shooters, fighting games, metroidvanias, and tactical RPGs – and with the years I spent in the /pol/ hurtbox going over all the arguments for every possible political position thousands of times. I don’t remember the hotkeys for any of the games I played twenty years ago, but if I downloaded them my fingers would know what to do. I don’t remember many of the arguments I had on /pol/, but whenever I pick a fight on Twitter the words I will say are whispered in my mind, and the forms their counterattacks will come to me like water drawn from a deep well.

Most important of all, I want them to steal everything I said here without attribution. Or with attribution. Or whatever. Fuck, I stole em, so you should too. Take my innovations and make them your own.

  1. SCALE:
  2. Assuming of course he actually adopted her, and his wife didn’t birth her after a few months of vigorous pipe cleaning from the local homeless African American population while he jacked off in the corner.
  3. Cow-laborators?
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  11. Gamer: Or rather Gamers, since proper noun status ensures that all the wrong people will take it seriously, while all the right people won’t.
  12. Fucking theory: Except for very advanced math and physics, nothing useful is born purely from theory. After the MBAs purge the tinkerers who first created something so they can set up wineslut harems, the theorists come in to tidy up the narrative and secure their tenures by claiming they were the real inventors all along. It’s a retcon. Theory not grounded in reality isn’t useful for this purpose. When people use evolutionary algorithms to design hardware, they do it in FPGAs not via emulation.
  13. Thiel-Bux: Peter, you should buy radio stations in Spanish-speaking areas of the US and promote the Mexican equivalent of Alex Jones, and maybe start a Spanish language TV channel equivalent to Fox News.

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