The Heretic Problem

Let’s use this observation written in response to some incoherent jabber by tenured anarchist-anthropologist David Graeber as our jumping off point. 

Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 17.58.22

The Cathedral needs Heretics to think outside its own path-dependant thought structures / output. But it can’t admit them / their ideas because doing so would trigger a preference cascade, redistributing professional status.

The same problem exists anywhere / everywhere which is intellectually and creatively lazy / stagnant.

Take for example the contemporary art world (CAW). It has turned into a stagnant cesspool of unskilled, narcissistic, holiness signalling circle-jerk of post-genital masturbation.

The solution is as simple as it is unthinkable — an infusion of Heretical, non-orthodox though-crime to reinvigorate old aesthetic forms and arrive at new ones.

Instead of another exhibition lying about the pseudo benefits of immigration, Heretical artists could make art based on its actual impact — its deleterious effects on social cohesion. Imagine an exhibition of contemporary art titled: Diversity + Proximity = War!

Instead of another exhibition about how women are oppressed and unequal, Heretical artists could make art based around the concept that Unowned Women are the #1 .civ destroying genie, which refuses to get back inside the bottle. Imagine an exhibition based on a celebration of the high-culture / art of slut shaming.

Instead of another exhibition about how gays are discriminated against, imagine an exhibition exploring the aesthetics / incentives of Woke Capital — how gays aka mincing Petri dishes / vectors of disease — are massively, disproportionately influential + discriminated for in .corp culture.

The Low Hanging Fruit of Heretical art / thought is immense — and it happens to have the benefit of adhering to Truth / reality much more closely than the Pretty Lies our retarded civilisations academic / artistic institutions are based on.

But here we approach an a priori chicken / egg problem. Until there is a preference cascade Cathedral institutions will exert maximum energy necessary to keep these ideas / aesthetics out of public life to avoid losing their status monopoly.

So weirdos, eccentrics, dissidents, Internet racists, etc need to continue working on the Outside — decentralised + building powerful ideas, aesthetics and agile-nascent institutions / principles of .gov in exile — ready for when the Cathedral’s legitimacy aka status economy enters its terminal phase.

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