The Plan

In our previous post we discussed how the contemporary art world (CAW) is a stagnant cesspool of unskilled, narcissistic, holiness signalling: a circle-jerk of post-genital masturbation — in severe need of Heretics to reinvigorate it’s existing aesthetic forms and create new ones.

We also discussed why it couldn’t possibly admit them — doing so would risk triggering a preference cascade in the direction of heretical truth, in the process undermining its status economy based on progressive sanctimony and riding holiness spirals.

For both these reasons Heretics are destined to remain Outside the CAW marquee pissing in — at least for now.

But a takeover of the CAW is ultimately necessary, and the prerequisite conditions for it to take place can be engineered — which brings us to The Plan.

The Plan is creating / cultivating a parallel aesthetic status economy based on artistic quality, alongside a concerted iconoclastic attack on the venerated sacred subjects / stagnant assembly line aesthetic cues of the CAW.

First we route around + undermine, then we supersede + occupy the hollowed out territory.

This 2 pronged attack is designed to create the conditions for a potential preference cascade / default option, which acts as an attractor to disenfranchised creative Heretics.

The ultimate aim is to take over contemporary art by creating a powerful counter-aesthetic + attacking / undermining the aesthetic shibboleths of the CAW.

To create an iconoclastic campaign of sheer aesthetic ridicule and terror. This is not infiltration so much as hostile aesthetic takeover — in the realm of the symbolic.

Curtis Yarvin, responding to BAP, recently wrote:

“Yet as a space — artistic, philosophical, literary, historical, even sometimes scientific — all fields that are ultimately arts — the deep right is much larger than the mainstream.”

The Deep Right is also a potential Schelling point of defection for the mainstream from the mainstream.

Soviet era communism defected non-violently to the West because the West was objectively higher status — ie the western system / elites were able to confer higher status on members of the soviet elite than the soviet system could itself bestow.

But in 2020 there is no “West” for the West to defect to, so the gravitational pull to defection must come from somewhere else — it must come from aesthetics.

Aesthetics are a force multiplier — a vector of attack in the realm of the symbolic.

As such, aesthetics allow Heretics to “punch above their weight” and build alternatives — first via aesthetics in the realm of the symbolic — then use these as blueprints / models / spells / incantations to effect shifts in the Real, like ripples of energy coursing through the progressive Matrix.

On the Deep Right fantasies and truths intermingle, hybridise and become Real.

The tensile strength of the aesthetic vanguard of the Deep Right comes from its irreverence to the fallacious, decadent, erroneous orthodoxy of the extant CAW hierarchy — combined with its propensity to challenge its Pretty Lies and supplant them with Ugly Truths.

From within the progressive paradigm, the truth is ugly — the truth about race, the truth about women, the truth about gays — because the pretty lies which have been spun around these things (and many others) have been turned into the sacred tenants of a neo-religious order.

An order based on fiction / lies can be relatively stable — up to a point — but it has multiple fault-lines / fissures running through it. Therefore, once such a regime enters a severe catabolic state, it’s no longer able to sustain prolonged contact with the Real.

It no longer has the energy reserves / resources it needs to keep on spinning its lies and partition off reality, which tears up false narratives / fabrications on contact.

Doubling down on pretty lies is a viable strategy, which our regime has been employing for decades. But it’s much more difficult under sustained aesthetic / memetic attack, as its sacred institutions / organisations get routed around / routed, eroding the status-foundation of the regime’s legitimacy to rule.

This is how / why disenfranchised creative Heretics should / must attack the CAW — reclaim the vector of contemporary art — and destabilise / delegitimise the extant ruling elite via an iconoclastic assault on its neo-religious narrative / symbolic foundations.

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